Jet Ski Accidents

Man on jet skiJet Ski Accidents

The adrenaline rush from riding a Jet Ski can be unbelievable. All that speed and agility on the water can make you feel almost invincible. However, when accidents happen, the results can be catastrophic.

Since their introduction in the 1960s, Jet Skis, also called Personal Water Crafts, have become quite popular. They are available at a lot of beaches and lakes and are fairly affordable. Due to this, they are highly accessible.

However, with their increased use, there have been increased water accidents.

Causes of Jet Ski Accidents

Jet Ski accidents can be caused by several factors. Most important of these is operator error. The high speed and agility of Jet Skis mean that there is a lot of potential for serious injury if the operator is not careful. Some of the other causes of accidents include:

  • Operator inexperience or inattention;
  • Mechanical failure;
  • Sudden grounding of the craft;
  • Poor operational instruction by the rental company;
  • Defective or missing safety equipment;
  • Riding in dangerous weather conditions;
  • Operating the Jet Ski while intoxicated

I was injured in a Jet Ski accident what should I do?

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Injuries from Jet Ski Accidents

Due to the fact that Jet Skis offer very little body protection, accidents involving them can result in serious injuries. While the injury risk can be mitigated by using safety equipment, rental companies often fail to provide this equipment or operators neglect to use them.

Some of the injuries that can result from Jet Ski accidents include:

  • Neck and spinal cord injuries;
  • Brain injuries from collisions;
  • Concussions from hitting the water at high speeds;
  • Whiplash from sudden grounding of the ski;
  • Burns and electrocution from exposed engines of the ski

Compensation for Jet Ski Accidents

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be able to obtain compensation. Depending on who is liable, you may be able to collect damages for your medical bills, lost wages from work, etc.

In many circumstances, either one or more of the rental companies, the operator or even the product manufacturers may be liable.

If you are suing the rental company, you would be claiming against them for negligence. Considering the dangerous possibilities of riding without good safety equipment, you could sue them for failing to provide adequate safety equipment.

You could also hold the operator of the Jet Ski liable. This would be a clear case of personal injury. You would especially have a case against the operator if they were intoxicated, careless or reckless in operating the vehicle.

If the accident was caused by defective parts or operation of the Jet Ski, you may be able to hold the producer liable under product liability laws. They are expected to produce the skis in accordance with the safety standards required by law. If they have failed to do so, you may be able to file a lawsuit against them.

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