Topamax Commercials

Topamax Lawsuit Commercial – Birth Defects

Have you seen the lawyer advertisements about the Topamax lawsuits? We are accepting cases on behalf of mothers and their babies born with birth defects such as cleft lips and cleft palates. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently increased the warnings associated with Topamax and confirmed the danger involved with women using the drug while pregnant. It has been found that if a woman uses Topamax while pregnant, there is an increased risk that her baby will be born with a cleft lip or cleft palate.
We are accepting clients from around the country and bringing claims on behalf of women and their babies who were born with these birth defects caused by Topamax. These lawsuits will be brought individually – not as a class action – as we feel that the possible recovery of damages will be greater. We handle these cases on a percentage basis which means that we do not get paid unless we obtain money damages for you or your baby.
You may have noticed that the Topamax commercials are being shown nation-wide. We are accepting cases from around the country. Feel free to call us toll-free at (888) 529-0018 from anywhere in the United States for a free no-obligation consultation.
The founder of our firm, Michael P. Fleming, has been handling personal injury cases for decades. His  a former elected Harris County Attorney. He Has tried many cases in the state and federal courts and is one of a small percentage of attorneys in the world to have argued – and won – a case before the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C. Contact him now if you have any questions about Topamax or the FDA actions. All consultations are free and completely confidential.