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Commercial vehicle and truck accidents happen every day in Houston and all over Texas.  Whether delivering packages or transporting hazardous substances, operators of these vehicles owe the public an important duty to drive and operate the machinery with the utmost care.  When you or a loved one are injured in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, seek medical care for your injuries, take pictures, get names of the other parties, call your insurance, and then

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you should immediately seek the advice of a personal injury trial lawyer to advise you of your right to compensation for all of your damages. Commercial vehicles in Houston are often overloaded with dangerous or flammable materials. These heavy loads can make commercial trucks difficult to maneuver, creating the potential for catastrophic accidents with other motorists lawfully using the roads. The results often involve serious personal injury and wrongful death.
If you or a family member was injured in a commercial vehicle accident, consult the Houston truck accident law firm of Fleming Law. We are committed to providing car accident victims with vigorous legal representation and a high level of personal service. Contact our commercial vehicle accident lawyers in Houston for aggressive legal representation.

Proving Fault in Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Proving fault in an accident with a commercial vehicle is the same as in any motor vehicle accident in Houston. If the accident is a collision, the victim’s lawyer would need to prove that the driver of the commercial truck was negligent. However, injuries can be caused by a commercial vehicle driver (or owner) without a collision between their vehicle and another driver’s car.
Such injuries can be caused by a number of negligent or careless acts such as:

  • Improperly securing a trailer.  Accidents caused by a trailer disconnecting are actually fairly common and they can cause serious accidents by other drivers trying to avoid the runaway trailer or by it veering into oncoming traffic and causing a head-on collision.  When a trailer comes loose there is always human error at fault.  Either the hitch was not secured properly or faulty equipment was used.
  • Not securing loads properly.  When items fall off a truck, this can cause accidents by people trying to avoid the debris or being hit by it.
  • Poor Maintenance. Lack of proper maintenance of a commercial vehicle can cause accidents and injury without a collision such as when wheels disconnect and strike another vehicle or if signals or brake lights are not working

We gather as many facts as possible to establish how the accident occurred. For example, we subpoena maintenance records to determine if the vehicle was serviced properly. Our law firm will also evaluate driver logs to understand if the driver was possibly working under little sleep or few rest breaks, or operating within the required allowable over-the-road limits. When necessary, we consult accident reconstructionists to evaluate the crash scene and property damage. Insurance companies take us seriously, knowing we will be prepared for trial.
The attorneys at Fleming Law, P.C. have the skills and determination to prove fault in Texas commercial vehicle accidents, involving:

Seeking Maximum Compensation

The personal injury attorneys at our law firm will not let the insurance company rush you into any early settlement. We will consult your doctor to understand the extent of your injuries and how your ability to work has been affected. We will document your losses so you are fully compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy, and future medical bills, so that you may possibly receive punitive damages.

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