2017 Fleming Scholarship Award Winners

fleming law scholarship award 2017

Law Scholarship Christina Drakeford, Buffalo NY

Christina has moved to Cambridge, MA to attend first year at Harvard Law School. She earned an undergraduate degree in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University. This past summer Christina spent her time working as a Human Resources assistant at a personal injury law firm in Buffalo. She is interested in learning the many different aspects of law in particular those areas related to business.

Oldest Institution

Harvard is the oldest institution for higher education in the country located just across the Charles river from Boston. The university was founded in 1636 and has been renowned for many years for its Law and Business schools. When most people think of Harvard they probably think of the earnest and diligent students who spend countless hours studying.

What many people may not know is that all that studying leads to some anxious moments when exam time comes around. An event known as Primal Scream takes place on the night of the first day of final exams in each semester. At midnight students run around Harvard Yard in the nude while screaming. With temperatures in the 30’s or 40’s in December you’d better run fast.

Pre-Law Scholarship Em Stuliff, Ohio

Em is a junior at Ohio Wesleyan University located in the college town of Delaware Ohio. The university is a private college with a beautiful 200 acre campus. Current enrollment is 1,650 with a significant number of international students coming from abroad.

Fleming Law is once again pleased to offer annual scholarships to help support students as they pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our firm practices many areas of law including Personal Injury, Civil Litigation and Business Law.


Brendan Fleming - attorney

Brendan received his JD from South Texas College of Law and his MBA from Baylor University. He then began his legal career as in-house counsel for a publicly-traded company, advising on matters such as mergers and acquisitions, securities, compliance, and general corporate transactions. He then worked at a national law firm in which he represented commercial banks, private equity firms, and business owners in complex transactions before joining Fleming Law, Brendan uses his considerable knowledge of business-related matters by working on cases involving business law, real estate law, and contracts. Connect with me on LinkedIn