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Hearing loss can be experienced in many different accidents in Houston including, car accidents, and truck accidents – basically any type of injury to the head can result in severe injuries and hearing loss – or reduction in hearing. Call us today if you were injured in Texas and have experienced any type of loss or reduction in hearing capacity following an accident.

It’s easy to take our sense of hearing for granted – that is until something happens to impair our hearing ability. From the deployment of airbags to high-decibel working environments, from every day “impulse” noises, such as the hammering of nails, to someone shooting off a shotgun right beside you – hearing loss occurs more frequently than most people may realize. If you have been injured due to another’s negligence, contact our Houston personal injury lawyers, today!

Impact of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss causes severe mental anguish and can result in extensive medical expenses.

Hearing loss can be total or partial, permanent or temporary, short or long term. Regardless, it negatively impacts a victim’s life and potentially, their future. Types of hearing loss include tinnitus (or ringing in the ear) and rupture of the ear drum. While tinnitus may not appear very serious at first, it can actually be a debilitating condition. Imagine having to live with a constant ringing in your ears during every waking hour. In addition, while ear drums may heal from a rupture in a couple of weeks, scar tissue can form, affecting a person’s ability to hear sounds at certain levels. If you have suffered hearing loss, contact our Houston hearing loss attorney today!

Hearing Loss Caused by Accidents in Houston

Loss of hearing can be caused by accidents such as car accidents, work-related incidents, high-decibel environments, faulty products, or even by the intentional or reckless conduct of someone else. Health Day News reported that up to 17% of people exposed to deployed airbags end up with permanent hearing loss. Others experience some form of hearing loss, ringing in the ears, punctured eardrums, or significant disequilibrium.

When loss of hearing has occurred through another’s fault or negligence, it may be compensable in legal action – even if the loss is just temporary or partial.

In proving hearing loss in a personal injury case in Texas, it is necessary to show both the extent of the hearing loss and prove that it was caused by the accident. Flowing from the hearing loss are the damages which can include mental anguish related to the injury as well as any financial losses such as a reduction in earning capacity caused by the loss of hearing. Our hearing loss lawyer can help.

Hearing Loss Caused by Noise Levels

In addition to traumatic injuries, hearing loss can be caused by loud noises – either prolonged noises at high decibel levels or sudden extremely loud noises such as explosions.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss or “NIHL” can occur at relatively low decibel levels if the exposure is long enough. For instance, normal traffic levels are 85 decibels but repeated exposure to this level or higher can damage hearing. This is why we see construction and industrial workers in and around Houston wearing hearing protection. While hearing damages at lower levels may need prolonged exposure, sudden exposure to higher decibels such as an explosion or gunshot can damage hearing immediately and permanently.

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