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    Were you hurt in a work accident or injured on the job?

    Are you wondering “What can a work injury lawyer do for me”? At the law firm of Fleming Law, our personal injury lawyers will investigate every detail related to your workplace accident and work hard to make sure you and your family are protected. Our Houston work accident attorney can help.

    Our central location means we are near to you regardless of your location and would be happy to meet at your home or job. Contact our work accident lawyers in Houston today. Your initial consultation is free.

    How Do Our Lawyers Investigate Workplace Injuries?

    If you’ve had an accident and been injured on the job in Houston, our work injury lawyers do an independent investigation of every detail related to your accident

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    Four Areas We Investigate

    First Investigate Area OSHA Involvement


    Second Investigate Area Safety Procedures


    Third Investigate Area Evidence Gathering


    Fourth Investigate Area Culture & Environment


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    Read more on each below.

    We will do our own investigation and determine if;

    • unsafe working conditions caused your injury
    • Inadequate safety and training played a role in the accident
    • faulty equipment or the negligence of a co-worker caused your injuries

    We will DEMAND that your employer keep any video, work logs, equipment, tools, or other evidence.

    We will make sure your employer reports any serious injury to OSHA (Occupational, Health and Safety Administration).

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    How Our Work Accident Lawyers Investigate Your Work Injury Case


    First Investigate Area Osha InvolvementOSHA

    We make sure OSHA investigates. If the accident was serious, if an employee was hospitalized, or if there was a fatality, we ensure the company notifies OSHA so they can complete a detailed investigation.

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    What if my employer does not have Workplace Injury Insurance?

    If your employer decided to withhold the protection of workers’ compensation, TEXAS LAW allows an injured worker to bring a claim against their employer.

    Furthermore, as added protection for the worker, Texas labor law prohibits the employer from claiming that the work injuries were caused by the contributory negligence of the victim, that the employee assumed the risk, or that it was caused by a fellow employee.

    These types of work injury cases are also known as “non-subscriber cases”.

    If you have been injured at work and your company lacks workers’ compensation coverage, your first step should be to contact experienced work-related injury lawyers immediately to protect your rights.

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    Second Investigate Area Safety ProceduresSAFETY

    We interview Safety Managers. Was there a violation of safety procedures? Many work-related injuries result from employees who are subjected to unsafe work conditions or are not properly trained.

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