///Tips for Filing Claims with The General Insurance Company
Tips for Filing Claims with The General Insurance Company

negotiating with an insurance adjusterTips for Filing Claims with The General Insurance Company

The General Insurance Company was originally named Permanent General Agency and was founded in the mid 1960s. It has headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Today it is a subsidiary of PCG Holdings Corporation, which is an affiliate of American Family Insurance. The General sells insurance in many states with a large presence in Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Georgia.

The General is known for providing insurance to high risk drivers. You may be familiar with the “Little General” cartoon character that is used in promotional materials such as television commercials. They advertise that they accept most drivers and they cater to their needs by offering low down payments and monthly payment options.

Working with Companies That Offer Non-Standard Policies

It can be difficult, at best, to try to get a fair settlement from The General, or any company that offers non-standard policies. Because they cater to people who are high-risk drivers, the policies they write are often minimal. People come to The General for insurance when they cannot get a policy with anyone else.

Most drivers who are insured by The General have basic policies that provide the minimum amount of coverage to satisfy legal requirements. The majority of these policies do not include extras for personal injury protection and other coverage. Therefore, you can expect that you may have trouble getting the full value of your claim.

How can I get the most money out of my car accident claim?

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File a Claim with The General

You can file a claim with The General by calling 1-800-280-1466, which is available 24/7. They will assign an adjuster to your claim. As with most insurance companies, the adjuster will take a statement from you describing the accident as well as your injuries. Keep in mind that most of these types of calls are recorded.

When reviewing customer complaints about The General, it should be noted that many people have had similar experiences. They have found that the company tends to delay the claim and at the same time tries to avoid liability by defending the insured. After your first conversation with an adjuster, you might not hear back for some time. You might find it difficult to get through to the adjuster and could feel as if you are getting the run-around.

It is extremely important to seek immediate medical care after an accident. This is especially essential when dealing with The General. If you delayed going to the hospital it could cause the insurance company to deny your claim or to reduce it considerably. This is because they can say that your injuries were not significant since you did not see a doctor quickly enough after the accident.

In situations in which you were offered a low settlement or your claim seems to be stalled, you might benefit from legal help. An experienced Houston car accident attorney will assist you in negotiating your claim and will get you the settlement you deserve. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, the case may need to go to court. Contact our legal team at Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim 713-221-6800.