My Experience with Justice Scalia and the Supreme Court

Antonin Scalia 1936 – 2016
With the sudden news on the passing of Justice Scalia, I think back to my brief interaction with him and the other justices on the Supreme Court on February 23, 2000.  I was appearing before the court as Harris County Attorney on behalf of the county and the Sheriff’s Department to […]

Hard Facts About Workplace Injuries

Hard Facts About Workplace Injuries
In 2013, the total cost of disabling workplace injuries in the U.S. was $61.88 billion.
In 2014, the average (median) number of days missed due to an on-the-job injury was 9.

Serious workplace injuries happen across all industries and occupations, including education, health care, recreation, arts and entertainment, professional business services, retail, construction […]

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Harris County Civil Court at Law Number 1

Judge Leuchtag Facing Republican and Democrat Opponents
When the very popular Judge Debra Ibarra Mayfield was selected by Governor Abbot to serve in the 165th District Court of Harris County, that left a vacancy in her then current position as judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law Number 1 – a position she had been appointed […]

Harris County Attorney Race

Two Republican Challengers seek to unseat Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan
Vince Ryan was elected as Harris County Attorney in 2008.  In 2012 he faced a republican challenger but survived re-election as did most democrat officeholders in Harris County.  This year, two republican candidates are facing off in the primary for the chance to face Ryan […]

Hit by a Drunk Driver?

What Should You do if Hit by a Drunk Driver?
So you are driving in Houston when suddenly you the victim of a car accident.  As you get out of your vehicle it is clear that the other driver who caused the crash is intoxicated.  What should you do?  These are some of the steps you should […]

Drunk Driving Car Accidents Reduced by Ride Sharing

Reduction of Drunk Driving Car Accidents Due to UBER
Does the growing use of ride sharing apps like Uber or Lyft actually reduce the number of drunk driving car accidents in Houston?  A growing number of studies indicates that this is exactly the case, including one report by MADD.  The reduction in Houston is probably more […]

Passenger In A Car Accident

Car Accident Passenger Rights
If you were a passenger in a car accident and suffered a serious injury it is important for you to understand that your rights are no different than anyone else injured in the accident. You can seek to recover damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other losses from the at fault […]

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Illegal Solicitation of Accident Victims

What is Barratry?
In Texas and many other states, it is illegal for attorneys or other individuals to solicit claims from accident victims in person. It is called barratry.  It is a serious felony crime but it happens all the time.

How are Accident Victims Targeted?

Here is how it works: A person is injured in a car […]

Lawsuits Filed Immediately After an Accident

When the scaffolding collapsed at a construction site in Houston a couple of weeks ago, one of those injured in the workplace injury filed a lawsuit within days of the incident.  Some people were critical of the decision to sue right away and scoffed a the injured worker and his attorney.  However, there are often very […]

Accidents Caused from Driving While High on Pot

Marijuana use is a common cause of car accidents.  I heard some guy on the radio yesterday talk about marijuana use.  He had called in to the talk show to voice his opinion on the latest moves to legalize pot around the country.  He was proud to state that he smoked pot pretty much all […]