Report show drunk driving a serious problem in Southeast Texas

Report show drunk driving a serious problem in Houston, Texas

Texas Has Some of the Worst Drivers

Some of the worst drivers in the country can be found in Texas, according to a recent report. The study, conducted by Car Insurance Comparison, found that Texas has the fourth worst drivers in the United States. One of the primary factors contributing to this poor rating is the frequency of drunk driving in the state – especially in Houston. Overall, Texas ranked 47th in the nation in terms of drunk driving.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the problem is particularly severe in Harris County, which it has dubbed the “drunk-driving capital,” as a result of the high number of fatalities caused by drunk drivers. MADD reported that 175 people lost their lives in Harris County due to a drunk driving car accident in which the driver had a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit in 2012.
Across the state, drunk driving is responsible for a larger percentage of deaths than the nation on average. In 2012, 1,296 people died in drunk driving collisions in Texas – accounting for 38 percent of all traffic fatalities that year. In the United States as a whole, over 10,000 people were killed in such collisions in 2010 – accounting for 31 percent of all traffic deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Protect your loved ones from drunk driving collisions

While you cannot control the behavior of others on the road, there are a few steps concerned individuals can take to protect their loved ones from DUI drunk driving accidents. For instance, never agree to get into a vehicle with an individual who has been consuming alcohol.

It is a good idea for parents to speak to their teenagers about this important rule, as teens tend to have slightly skewed ideas regarding what constitutes a designated driver. According to a recent study conducted by Students Against Destructive Decisions and Liberty Mutual Insurance, teenagers often believe the most sober person in their group of friends is capable of acting as a designated driver. It is important for parents to stress to their teens that only an individual who has refrained from drinking should act as a designated driver.
Teenagers and students now have a safe, reliable and convenient option which is ride sharing. No matter what time it is, requesting a ride using Uber or Lyft is easy and a lot safer than getting in a car driven by a friend who has been drinking.
If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver in Texas, you should take the time to learn about your rights to recovery. In such cases, consulting with a skilled personal injury attorney will ensure you do not miss out on compensation to which you may be entitled.  Call car accident lawyer Michael P. Fleming now for a free consultation.