Balcony Injury

Attorneys for Defective Balcony Injuries in Houston, Tx

Balcony injuries caused by defective protective railings or substandard support are a common occurrence in this country. Balcony injury lawyers pursue premises liability claims for compensation on behalf of folks who have been injured and on behalf of families who lost loved ones who fell through rotten or defective railings.
There have been recent disastrous personal injuries reported in the news involving balconies that collapsed with people standing upon them.  This happens with older structures but also with new construction.  Regarding railings, the older the building the more likely that the railing will have to be repaired or replaced.  In a commercial property such as a hotel or apartment, the owner has a duty to make sure these structures are safe and maintained properly.  It takes very little effort to fix a balcony to make it safer.  This is such an important issue that many cities have important ordinances forcing multi-family structures such as apartment complexes and hotels to comply with safety designs.
We have also seen cases involving vacation rental properties – especially those on the coast with wooden balcony railings – where the railing was not maintained or repaired and it collapsed injuring the guests.
If a loved one has been injured or killed falling from a balcony or deck due to defective railings, contact Michael P. Fleming for a free no-obligation consultation. Mr. Fleming and his team of balcony injury lawyers can assist you in seeking the most compensation your are entitled to receive for your damages.
Balconies and decks are a traditional part of any American home. The views and the fresh air make most balconies and decks a common place to have guests. The safety of the balcony’s railing is something that is very important, especially in apartment complexes, where the balcony can be extremely high above ground. If someone falls off a balcony and is seriously injured or killed in the process, the owner of the property where the balcony located is likely responsible. The owner is responsible if the balcony railing was defective in any way. A defective railing can be loose, rusty, or not sturdy enough to handle weight. Contact one of our personal injury attorneys today to receive compensation for someone that is injured or even killed due to a defective railing where maintenance was needed.