//Playground Accidents In Texas
Playground Accidents In Texas

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Have you ever thought that the playground your child loves to play on so much is 100% safe and injury-proof? Well, you may have to reconsider that opinion.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 200,000 children under the age of 14 are treated for playground injuries in emergency rooms each year. About 45% of the reported injuries were severe, such as fractures, internal injuries, concussions, dislocations, and amputations. About 75% of nonfatal injuries related to playground equipment occur on public playgrounds. Most occur at schools and daycare centers. Apparently, these accidents happen a lot more often than you may have imagined.

Types of Playground injuries

There are an unlimited number of potential injuries that could occur, the most common injuries include:

  • Fractures: Fractures often occur as a result of falls. When children are elevated high above the ground, they may be unable to maintain their coordination. Due to the fact that a child‘s bones may not be fully developed, there is a higher risk of a fracture occurring in a fall.
  • Concussions: This usually occurs when kids hit their heads against hard surfaces. If a child hits his/her head hard enough against any surface, there is a chance that it might cause a concussion.
  • Internal Injuries: These types of injuries are often very scary for parents because they are not easily physically detected until the child complains of pain or other symptoms. An example is internal bleeding or hemorrhaging.
  • Amputations: The equipment children play on often has gaps, bolts, and moving parts that can be dangerous if not well maintained. This equipment could easily cause a child‘s arm or leg to get caught and severed. Rusty bolts and other metal surfaces may also cause infections, which may result in amputation.

Who is Most as Risk for Playground Accidents?

Children of various age brackets are found on playgrounds, so children of different age brackets are exposed to the risk of injury while using the equipment. However, children between ages 2 and 9 are most prone to playground accidents. Children within this group are most prone to accidents because they are still physically small and relatively weak. They also do not have the same muscle development or motor control skills of older children. This makes some of the equipment quite dangerous for them.

My child was injured when they were playing in a playground, what can I do?

Ask A Lawyer Now!
Ask A Lawyer Now!

Who can be Held Liable?

The ability to take legal action for your child’s playground injury depends on the circumstances of the accident.

If the injury was a result of the playground equipment being inadequately or poorly installed by a third party or the design was defective, you may be able to get compensation from the equipment installer, designer, or manufacturer.

If the injury occurred in a playground owned by a private schools or daycare centers, they can be held liable for failure to maintain safe playground equipment. This can even be grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Speak to a Houston Playground Injury Attorney

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