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Shopping Mall Accidents

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Shopping mall accidents refer to the personal injuries that can happen when visiting a shopping mall. This includes incidents of slip and falls, parking lot collisions between two or more vehicles, and physical assaults. Some accidents that occur at a shopping mall consist of minor injuries to quite serious injuries resulting in broken bones, neck injuries, shoulder injuries, trauma to the head, and spinal cord injuries.

Type of Shopping Mall Accidents

Some of the shopping-related injuries worth mentioning include:

  • Slips and falls: These may occur due to the floor being wet, malfunctioning escalators, carpets that are torn, as well as areas that are poorly lit.
  • Head and body injuries: These type of injuries may result from falling objects, improperly secured retail displays, and objects on tall shelves that are out of reach.
  • Injuries from the shopping carts: These injuries can result from cart crashes or carts tipping over.
  • Overcrowding accidents: These accidents stem from overcrowding of spaces, which can result in trampling.
  • Accidents that occur in the parking lot: These accidents can be caused by improper design of the parking lot, collisions between vehicles, and assaults that may occur due to lack of security.

I was injured in a shopping mall, who is responsible for my medical bills?

Ask a Lawyer now!
Ask a Lawyer now!

Shopping Mall Accident Liability

Any person who suffers a severe injury from a shopping mall accident has the legal right to make personal injury claims based on Texas negligence laws. Premises liability law states that the property owner owes a duty of care to the shoppers who traverse their property from dangers that are hidden as well as the conditions on their property that they have a reasonable belief could cause an accident.

For instance, a shopper may sue the shopping mall owners for injuries if they slip and fall on a wet floor in the shopping mall. In this case, if the shopping mall owners knew the floors were wet, but did not warn the shopper of the potential danger, then the owner stands liable.

The victim can only be compensated for a personal injury claims when there is sufficient evidence to show that the shopping mall owner was responsible for the accident by failing to take reasonable steps to prevent the accident (i.e. negligence). In this case, the victim must show that the mall owner knew, or should have known, that the property was dangerous. Secondly, it must be proven that the owner of the shopping mall breached a duty of care. Next, the victim of the  accident must show that there is a positive correlation between the shopping mall accident and the dangerous condition. Lastly, the shopping mall owner would be liable if the victim suffered actual damages resulting from the incident.

Popular Spots in Houston

The most popular mall in Houston is the Galleria which is located just west of downtown. It is the largest mall in Texas and the 7th largest in the United States. The mall itself is about 2.4 million square feet in size and has 375 retail stores and eating establishments.

Memorial City mall also west of downtown is very popular even though it has half of the retail space as the Galleria at 1.7 million square feet. With the amount of space and the great number of shoppers visiting, owners and property managers have to be diligent and ensure that areas inside the mall and out are properly maintained and safe.

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