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Can a Miscarriage be caused by a car accident?

After the loss of a baby through a miscarriage, women often try to think back and identify possible causes.

Usually, there is no known cause.

In fact, in Houston and throughout Texas, 10% to 20% of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage and they are most common in the 1st trimester.

However, a traumatic event such as a car accident can cause a miscarriage.  In fact, it is estimated that there are 3000 miscarriages caused by car accidents every year.

Pregnant Driver

Car Accidents Can Cause a Miscarriage

Any type of sudden trauma sustained by a pregnant woman can put her in danger for a miscarriage including the sudden stop in a car wreck or the deployment of the air bags.

Usually, the car accident itself causes a condition that can lead to the miscarriage.

One such condition caused by a car accident is placental abruption in which the placenta partially or completely separates from the uterus.

This often results in emergency c-section surgery to remove the baby before oxygen gets cut off.  Another danger to a pregnant woman in a car accident involves injuries to the fetus itself – whether to the head or other part of the body.

While injuries to the baby occur in less than 10% of all car accidents involving pregnant women, it is still a serious concern and requires women to get medical attention immediately after an accident.

If you are pregnant and are involved in any car accident in Houston or anywhere in Texas  – regardless of how minor – you should seek medical attention immediately to make sure that the baby is not in any type of stress.

We have seen cases where the accident did not cause an immediate miscarriage but after seeking medical care, the doctors decided to take the baby out early.

This presents other issues as a premature birth can also be the result of a car accident and depending upon how early the baby is delivered there may or may not be physical repercussions as a result.

You might be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

However, before you make the call, be sure you have sought medical attention for you and/or your baby first.  Again, this should be done immediately after the car accident. Don’t wait for physical symptoms to arise after the accident.

See the doctor first and have the baby checked out to make sure the is no stress or injury.

If you or a loved one suffered physical injuries in a car accident – whether while pregnant or not – contact Board Certified Houston Car Accident Lawyer Michael P. Fleming today for a free consultation!