//Car Accident Facial Injuries
Car Accident Facial Injuries

broken glass from a car accident can cause facial injuriesCar Accident Facial Injuries

If you or a loved one was involved in a serious car accident in or around Texas, you may be struggling with a disfiguring facial injury. Suffering a facial injury can be particularly painful and embarrassing. Victims who suffer these types of injuries often suffer terrible psychological trauma and depression because they are reminded of the collision, and the resulting injury, each time they look in the mirror.

How Facial Injuries Occur

There are multiple ways a motorist can suffer a debilitating facial injury in an auto accident. For example, you could wind up getting hit in the face by shattered glass or a piece of metal in a head-on collision or a rollover accident. Even the airbag deploying could cause damage to your face.

Types of Injuries to Your Face Common in Car Wrecks

There are various types of disfiguring facial injuries that may occur in an automobile collision. Some examples include the following:

  • Facial bone fractures: There are more than a dozen bones in your face that are at risk of being damaged if you are involved in a serious car wreck.
  • Facial lacerations: If you are hit with shattered glass, or broken pieces of plastic or metal, you could wind up suffering serious cuts to your face.
  • Injury to your eye or eye socket: A car occupant’s eyes may be damaged by flying glass or other debris in a crash. Injury to the eye can result in vision loss or blindness, or loss of the eye.
  • Burn injuries: A particularly painful facial injury that can occur is a burn to your face. It is both physically painful and often requires multiple skin grafts and plastic surgery to correct. Even if you take these steps, you could be left with permanent scarring.

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Non-Economic Damages Associated with Facial Injuries

As mentioned earlier, facial injuries are somewhat unique in that they are more likely to cause serious psychological trauma, including the degradation of your body image, limited social life, and higher risk of depression. In fact, recent studies have shown that the psychological needs of someone who suffered facial trauma are greater and more unique than someone who suffered trauma to another part of their body. Patients with facial injuries were more likely to develop symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, PTSD, social withdrawal, and becoming isolated.

Pursue Financial Restitution for Your Harms and Losses

If you or a family member suffered a disfiguring facial injury in an auto accident, you need to take legal action to pursue financial restitution for your harms and losses. Why? Because a serious facial injury often requires plastic surgery and/or rehabilitative therapy to correct. These types of medical treatments are often quite expensive and may not be fully covered by health insurance. Filing a personal injury claim gives you the opportunity to pursue financial compensation for your medical costs, along with lost wages and pain and suffering.

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