Truck Accident Attorney in Houston

truck accident lawyer in houston

The Houston injury lawyers at Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C., help injured victims of 18 wheeler crashes in Houston and throughout Texas. Hundreds of people are injured and killed each year in this state do to commercial truck accidents. If you or a family member are the victims of a negligent truck driver, it is important to act promptly to ensure that the cause of the accident is thoroughly investigated – by your own representative, not just by the insurance company.

Semi Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Houston, TX In an around Houston you will find many types of big rigs hauling cargo in trailers, on flatbeds and oversized items. Accidents can be caused by driver fatigue, distracted driving, poorly maintained trucks and insecure cargo loads. A number of safety regulations are in place to prevent accidents. If you have injured in an accident with a big rig truck you need to know about these important regulations. Contact our Houston truck accident lawyers at Michael P. Fleming & Associates for a free consultation 1-888-529-0018.

If you have suffered a truck accident injury and need a certified Houston truck accident lawyer for your case. Contact the law offices of Michael P. Fleming for a free consultation.

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Our Trucking Accident Lawyers Will Investigate Your Claim

  • We ensure evidence is preserved.
  • We speak to eyewitnesses.
  • We subpoena maintenance records, safety records and driver logs.
  • We examine crash reports and evidence taken from the scene.
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Most importantly our lawyers will go to trial if necessary to get the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

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