What Trucking Companies do After Serious Truck Accidents

What Trucking Companies Do After Serious Accidents

People who have been injured in a serious truck accident in Houston or elsewhere need to understand what trucking companies do immediately after an accident occurs. They investigate the accident with professionals immediately. If you have been injured you need a team of professionals on your side.  Contact our truck accident lawyers for a free consultation.
Houston trucking companies have Accident Response teams which are groups of people who respond to serious accidents. These companies have developed strategies on how to respond serious accidents when they occur. In general those responding to accidents are professionals who are interested in gathering and preserving evidence in an effort to defend the trucking company if they are sued.
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This team of professionals will include;

  • Trucking Defense Lawyers
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Safety Experts
  • Expert Accident Investigators

These teams are prepared to respond 24 hours a day to the following situations;

common truck accident injuries - Houston Truck Accident Attorneycommon truck accident injuries - Houston Truck Accident Attorney

  • Accidents that result in a fatality
  • Accidents where one or more people have been taken to the hospital or require immediate medical attention
  • Truck or tractor has been impounded
  • Driver has been found to be intoxicated

Just like Texas trucking companies you need a team of professionals who can gather and preserve evidence for your claim. This includes information from;

  • Truck’s black box
  • Truck maintenance logs and driver logs
  • Safety inspections
  • GPS records
  • State and Federal certifications
  • Truck accident reports
  • Critical accident scene evidence, skid marks, witness testimony, driving conditions

What most people don’t know is that victims of truck accidents have every right to get a lawyer involved immediately after a truck accident.  Some of the advantages of having an attorney at the time of the investigation include:

  1. Temporary Restraining Orders.  In any serious accident it can be necessary to immediately go to a Texas court in Houston or any other city to get a restraining order to stop evidence from being destroyed.  This might happen in a truck accident case if the insurance company wants to destroy the truck wreckage before it has been examined by and expert for the victim.  It is also helpful to stop the destruction of safety records that might be needed in court.
  2. Witness Statements. Witnesses memories can fade with time.  In a serious truck accident case, it is critical that witnesses are interviewed thoroughly.  The insurance company adjusters will be conducting an investigation and interviewing witnesses in an attempt to stop the victim from obtaining just compensation.
  3. Expert Inspection. An experienced attorney can also have an accident expert on the scene or soon after to inspect the truck and the safety equipment on the truck to determine what caused the accident.

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