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A pedestrian accident in Houston, Texas.

Have you or a loved one been injured by a car while walking or jogging in Houston? Has a loved one been killed by a car or truck driver? Contact our Houston pedestrian accident lawyer today for a free consultation to discuss your case 737-201-0543.

Our pedestrian accident attorneys in Houston represent pedestrian accident victims and their families who have been injured while walking or jogging. Our firm has helped pedestrian injury victims of automobile accidents many times, including those pedestrians walking legally on crosswalks, in parking lots, and in parking garages.

Houston drivers have a duty to be aware of pedestrians walking in or near the roadway or parking area. With many drivers distracted by texting or cell phone usage, accidents involving pedestrians are increasing in this country every year and there does not seem to be much that can be done to curb the problem.

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In any big city, drivers have an obligation to respect pedestrians who are walking or jogging downtown or anywhere else. Houston is no exception. Whether it is due to a distracted driver, a drunk driver or someone who is in a hurry, serious car accidents, and injuries can result from a car hitting a pedestrian.

At Fleming Law, P.C., our pedestrian accident attorneys have seen cases where a serious injury occurred in a parking garage, the driver was speeding, made an illegal turn, and hit our client, a woman who was returning to her car.

Another case was downtown where a car failed to yield the right of way when turning left. Our client, a young man with a family at home, was hit while he was crossing the street.

In both cases, our lawyers gathered evidence, investigated the accidents, and negotiated aggressively to get the maximum compensation for our clients.

I was hit by a car while walking. What are my rights?

What are Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Houston, Texas?

Whether caused by a commercial or personal vehicle, pedestrian injuries are often a result of:

  • Excessive speed causing loss of control of the vehicle
  • Turning the car or truck without paying attention to folks lawfully entering the crosswalk
  • Ignoring stop signs and traffic lights
  • Running red lights
  • Unsafe valet drivers and parking lot attendants

Pedestrian crosswalk accidents are very common and can result in horrible injuries throughout Texas. Usually, these accidents occur due to the careless and negligent conduct of automobile drivers.

If you or a loved one has been injured while attempting to cross a street – whether in a crosswalk or not – you should seek the advice of the Houston pedestrian accident lawyers at Fleming Law, P.C., personal injury attorneys. The personal injury attorneys at Fleming Law, P.C. have decades of experience handling serious personal injury matters. They can evaluate your case for you over the phone or in person and answer any questions you might have.

Please note, that there is a time limit as to how long you have to file a personal injury case, such as one for a pedestrian accident. In the state of Texas, that Statute of Limitations is two years. While two years may seem like a long time, it is not.  Contact us today.

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Do Pedestrians and the Right of Way in Houston?

Crosswalks are important for pedestrian safety but there are still many roads that do not have crosswalks. In Texas, it is the law to obey the walk/don’t walk traffic control signs located at intersections and crosswalks. If you do not obey the signs you have to give the right of way to oncoming traffic.

If you are at a crosswalk with no traffic control signs then you have the right of way. If the pedestrian is halfway through the crosswalk or in the line of an oncoming car, the car must yield to the pedestrian. However, the pedestrian cannot just step in front of a car when it is too late for the car to stop. In this case, it is the pedestrian’s responsibility to yield to oncoming traffic.

Crosswalks are intended to give pedestrians a safe way of crossing the street. However, many pedestrians jaywalk, ignore traffic control signs, or ignore designated crosswalks. This happens everywhere – not just in Houston. The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in 2010 there were 4,280 pedestrian fatalities. Of those 4,280 fatalities, 345 were in the state of Texas. Texas was second to California in pedestrian fatalities in 2010.

Common Injuries Caused by Pedestrian Accidents in Texas

Pedestrians hit by cars and trucks suffer horrible injuries including:

Oftentimes, these are the result of drunk drivers or people texting while driving.

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