Workers Rights and a Safe Working Environment

Sadly, we see news stories every day that cover injured workers whose lives are forever changed by an accident at work. They bring to light the dangerous working conditions for dairy farmworkers, the many deaths that plague agricultural workers in general every year and the significant injuries and deaths that those who work on construction [...]

Investigating Construction Site Accidents

Many people remember the incident of the Mast Climbing Platform Collapse in Austin, Texas in June of 2009, when three construction employees of Capoera Construction were killed when a mast climbing platform collapsed at a condominium project under construction. When incidents like these occur, and they result in one or more worker fatalities (and sometimes [...]

Worker’s Compensation Exceptions

What is the Texas Worker’s Compensation Act, and how can it limit or bar my recovery? Worker’s compensation is essentially a fund that an employer pays into in order to limit the amount of money they can be liable for in the event that one of its employees suffers an injury on the job. Employees [...]

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Heat Stroke and the Hazards of Working in the Heat in Texas

According to new research from University of Missouri Extension Safety and Health Specialists, agriculture workers are 20 times more likely than other workers to die from heat, but these deaths are largely preventable by providing workers with water, rest, and shade. Other industries that may pose a risk to workers include waste management, road construction, [...]

Tips to Avoid a Will Contest

Why do I need an attorney to prepare my will? Can’t I just use a computer? While it is possible to independently prepare a will without utilizing an attorney, you run many risks in choosing doing so. If you do not follow all the legal rules for drafting and executing the will, there could be [...]

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Woman Wins Lawsuit Brought Against Her after YELP Review

Michael P. Fleming is happy he and his firm were able to successfully defend a young woman who was sued by a law firm after she posted a review of their services on Yelp and Facebook. As reported by the Houston Press and Houston Chronicle, Lan Cai, a 20 year old waitress and student, hired a Houston law [...]

2016 Fleming Scholarship Award Winners

Michael P. Fleming & Associates Announce Award Winners for 2016 Fleming Law and Pre-Law Scholarships Kaitlyn Barry of Spring, Texas Kaitlyn Barry from Spring, Texas 1L student at the University of Houston Law Center Kaitlyn is in her first year of law school at the University of Houston Law Center in Houston, Texas. She [...]

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