Business Lawsuit Defense Attorneys in Houston

Houston Business Lawsuit Defense Attorneys

Most Texas companies focus on productivity, profits and the day-to-day operations of running a business. But when a business is faced with a lawsuit or other legal issue, the focus quickly turns to protection.

At Fleming Law, P.C., we assist businesses of all sizes in protecting themselves against civil litigation and threats of lawsuits, including those relating to breach of contract and tortious interference of contract by employees, business partners and others involved in operations. We accept civil litigation cases throughout Texas. We regularly defend companies and individuals in contract cases in the state and federal courts.

Are you involved in a business lawsuit? If you have been served with a citation (notice of a lawsuit), it is critical that you contact an experienced lawsuit defense attorney immediately so that deadlines are not missed which may jeopardize your ability to mount a successful defense in court. If you or your company need an aggressive defense in court, our Houston civil lawsuit defense attorneys will fight hard to protect your assets.

I just got served with a lawsuit. What now?

Resolving Business Disputes

In the world of business, any number of legal issues can come up. We frequently handle cases having to do with the following:

  • Representing business owners who have been cheated by their partners
  • Defending business owners who are being sued by an employee or former employee
  • Breach of partnership agreements, LLC agreements and other business contracts
  • Breach of fiduciary duty between partners
  • Representing business that have been sued in state or federal court
  • Representing businesses in claims against other businesses
  • Defending out of state or foreign individuals and businesses in Texas courts in Special Appearance – Objection to Jurisdiction hearings.

In the past, we have successfully handled numerous cases involving business conflicts. Today, our clients can expect to be aggressively represented in their business litigation.

Highly-Experienced Business Lawsuit Defense

Business law cases can be extremely complex – it is critical to work with an experienced attorney who thoroughly understands business law. We will work hard and seek to protect your business. Allow us to put our years of experience to use in your defense.

Facing the civil litigation process can be intimidating. The injury attorneys at Fleming Law, P.C. are highly experienced in business litigation, civil litigation and lawsuit defense. Michael P. Fleming is a former Harris County attorney who has argued cases and appeals in the state and federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Fleming has extensive experience defending and prosecuting lawsuits in the courts of the State of Texas and federal courts.