Active Military Personnel and Veterans Free Legal Services Program

At Fleming Law, P.C., our attorneys are happy to provide various legal assistance without charge to active military personnel and veterans in Texas. You will not be charged any legal fees and will only have to pay any filing, recording or other charges required by the government or third party. Our program provides the following services to our service men and women:

  1. Company Formation. Have you had a dream of forming and owning your own business? We are happy to assist our veterans and active military in fulfilling this desire. We can handle the drafting and filing of the necessary legal documents to create your Limited Liability Company (LLC) or other entity. Again, you don’t need to pay us any legal fees. You will only need to pay the state filing fees and a nominal amount to a third party vendor for the corporate book and seal if you like.
  2. Deed Drafting. Do you need to have a deed drafted or reviewed? We would be happy to do this for you at no cost.
  3. Contract Review. Buying or selling a house or other property? Our attorneys will look a the documents for you without charge.
  4. Wills. If you need a simple Will drafted, we would be happy to take care of this for you for no charge.
I am stationed overseas, who can I get to review the contract back home?

Our Free Legal Services Program for military personnel and veterans is meant to make these transactions a little easier on our vets and their families. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if we can assist you or your family with any of these transactions. It would be our pleasure to help.