Auto Insurance Claim? Be Careful What You Post on Social Media

how social media can impact your personal injury claim

Next time before you post that picture on social media, say Instagram and Facebook, or tweet about certain details of your life, ask yourself “how many people have access to this piece of information”? Although posting even the minutest detail of our lives has become a second nature, some of these details have negative outcomes in certain situations.

While some posts are harmless, other posts can seriously impact the viability of your auto insurance injury claim.

It is therefore important that before you post anything about an injury you suffered and details of the auto accident, you should know the possible consequences of the post you are about to put up.

If I posted something on social media about my accident what should I do?

How Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

Due to the evolving prominence of these platforms, insurance companies now look up social media handles and profiles of policyholders when they file a personal injury claim. Why? They want to find a questionable photograph or statement that they can use later on if a lawsuit is filed on your behalf by your Houston personal injury attorney.

It is important to know that if you were involved in an auto accident, the best thing to do on social media is nothing.

Insurance investigators look out for various things in your social media posts. They include posts or photographs that:

  • Show fault or negligence on your part;
  • Suggest pre-existing damage to the vehicle;
  • Can be used by the insurance company to allege that you have committed fraud;
  • Indicate that the damage could have been prevented if you took appropriate steps;
  • Show that you could have mitigated the damage caused;
  • Show your actions contributed to the damage suffered;
  • The insurance company can use to show you exaggerated your injuries;
  • Can be interpreted to contradict your insurance claim;
  • Contain details of the accident;
  • Contain correspondence with your lawyers;
  • Or they will review comments on your post looking for something they can use against you.

How to Prevent Social Media From Ruining Your Insurance Claim

The best option is to completely stay off social media. If you must stay on social media, the next best thing is to completely avoid posting anything even remotely related to your insurance plan on social media. This greatly reduces the risk of having issues with your insurance provider.

Another option is to adjust your privacy settings to restrict who can view your posts on social media. There is, however, little you can do about other people sharing or broadcasting your posts. Houston personal injury lawyer.

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