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Free ConsultationThe personal injury lawyers at Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. offer the highly skilled and dedicated representation people need following a serious injury involving another’s negligence whether in a car accident, work injury or other event.

Our law firm was voted one of the best personal injury lawyers in Houston, Texas.

What distinguishes Michael Fleming from most lawyers is the case he won before the Supreme Court of the United States.

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We have been sued by a Personal Injury Lawyer. What do we do to respond?


Houston personal injury lawyers

In this video, he talks about personal injury cases in Houston, Texas and how the law is set up to provide for victims of negligence.

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, make sure you hire the right lawyer!

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“My Wife and I were represented recently by Mr Fleming and  Associates for a personal injury case. I have had a previous case for a real estate transaction represented by Mr Fleming that went to a Jury trial. I have been very satisfied with both cases. Fleming and his Associates are top notch Attorneys. I would recommend them to anyone who wants the very best representation available.”

How do I choose a personal injury lawyer

Top lawyers will have 8 qualifications

  1. board certified by the texas board of legal specialization

    Only 2% of Texas lawyers have completed the rigorous procedure to be recognized as a specialist by the State Bar of Texas.

  2. martindale-hubbell av preeminent rating

    This highest rating from one of the oldest lawyer directories means that other lawyers have evaluated them as being the best in their fields of law.

  3. recognized super lawyer

    A Super Lawyer is designated by peer evaluation and is a telling sign of a lawyer’s ability to handle personal injury cases.


We have been sued by a Personal Injury Lawyer. What do we do to respond?


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer questions we often hear from our clients to explain how we can help you if you or a loved one has been injured.

What types of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

Often resulting from a car accident, drivers and passengers can suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries.

  • Minor concussions can be serious and need proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Symptoms may appear shortly after the accident or in some cases days or weeks after the injury.

First, second and third degree burns can be very serious and require medical treatment.

Car fires, chemical exposure, electrocution and industrial accidents can all cause severe burn injuries which may require surgery or skin grafts.


Sexual assault and rape can occur in many places including apartment complexes and hotels – especially when security is not any good. The physical and psychological effects can take many forms such as sexually transmitted infections (STI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression just to name a few.

  • Property owners need to keep criminals out to keep tenants and customers safe!
  • Victims of sexual assault have the right to seek compensation when a business or property owner does not keep them safe. Call us now!

Broken arms are one of the most common injuries that can happen to any of us. If your broken arm or other fracture was caused by the carelessness of another, you can have us seek compensation for you if you call now.


Children and men are more likely than anyone else to be bitten by a dog. Dog bite injuries can affect muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels along with the risk of infection.

Dog attacks are usually caused by:

  • Negligent handling of the dog – such as not using a leash.
  • Not having a good enclosure or fence to keep the dog in the yard.
  • Inherently dangerous or vicious dogs

If the bite was the result of the owner’s or someone else’s negligence a personal injury attorney can seek the compensation you deserve to get medical attention and recover from your injuries.


The victims of serious accidents and near-death experiences are often left with issues relating to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – otherwise commonly known as PSTD.

This condition is a serious as the physical injuries sustained and can require years and years of therapy to deal with the issue.


The spinal cord is one of the most important parts of the human body as it transmits information from the brain to muscles instructing our legs to walk and arms and hands to lift. These can be VERY serious injuries resulting in permanent paralysis of upper and lower limbs.

Contact us today if you have suffered a spinal cord injury.


Contact with electrical currents causes injuries such as burns, internal injury even cardiac arrest.

Any electrical equipment used, especially industrial strength, needs to be properly maintained and free of any design defects.

We have been sued by a Personal Injury Lawyer. What do we do to respond?


Just like electricity, gas can be very dangerous if it leaks which can cause huge explosions. Those who maintain our streets or distribution lines must be extremely careful. If you have been injured as a result of an explosion contact our personal injury lawyers.


Property owners, businesses and employers are expected to keep their premises free from any unreasonable safety hazards. Failure to do so can result in serious slip and fall accidents that can be deadly or result in lifelong injuries and disabilities.


Every 1 hour and 59 minutes, someone is injured in a Texas car accident. Even seemingly mild injuries may take a long time to heal and require injured victims to miss work and lose valuable income. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, we can negotiate with insurance company to provide a just settlement offer that takes the full measure of your injuries and losses into account.


Truck drivers and trucking companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They are subject to strict rules regarding how long drivers can remain on the road without rest, vehicle maintenance, training requirements and technology use behind the wheel. Unfortunately, cases show that these rules are often broken due to poor hiring practices or in the name of bigger profits. Due to the vast size difference between 18-wheelers and a standard car, the injuries from truck accidents can be particularly traumatic.


Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as any driver on Texas roads. Because they have little physical protection against harm if a crash occurs, cyclists often sustain serious bodily harm. Many bike accident victims are also children, who are difficult to spot when backing out of driveways in Texas neighborhoods.


Texans are required to wear motorcycle helmets unless they are over 21 and have completed a Department-approved Motorcycle Operator Training Course or carry $10,000 or more in medical insurance coverage. But even with a helmet, motorcycle crashes often result in horrific injuries including broken bones, internal organ damage and burns from hot vehicle equipment.


The ultimate example of negligence in motor vehicle crashes is a drunk driver.

If you or a loved one was struck by someone who was intoxicated, our lawyers can help you obtain compensation for their reckless lack of judgment.


Some jobs are more dangerous than others. But all workers are entitled to jobsites that are as safe as possible. Workplace injuries can occur across all industries but are especially common in construction sites, work zones, factories and in healthcare clinics or hospitals. Some job-related injuries take decades to develop, such as mesothelioma.


Family members who lose a loved one due to someone else’s negligence suffer a tremendous emotional and financial blow.

While no amount of money can make up for the loss of a beloved relative, filing a wrongful death claim can alleviate some of the stress b providing money for:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Burial costs
  • Mental anguish
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Lost household services
  • Lost love and companionship
  • Punitive damages (in certain cases)

We have been sued by a Personal Injury Lawyer. What do we do to respond?

How are financial damages determined in a personal injury case?

The damages that can be recovered in a personal injury lawsuit depend upon the severity of the actions of the negligent party.

Following a truck, car, machinery or other accident or incident, an assessment of damages that can be recovered by the victim would be performed after the following issues are established:

  • Negligence — duty or breach of duty
  • Causation — the injury sustained was a result of the accident/negligence
  • Or medical negligence due to physician or surgeon mistake

Typical damages that are recoverable in personal injury cases include:

  • Physical pain includes so much more than just the onset of pain you experienced at the time of the wreck or accident. It includes the pain you endured when having broken bones reset, or undergoing a series of skin grafts due to serious burns, or any number of medical procedures necessary to treat the injuries you suffered as a result of someone’s negligence.
  • Your medical bills may remain unpaid or you may be entitled to be reimbursed for the expenses you incurred as a result of the treatment you need for your injuries. You may also recover future medical expenses to treat ongoing or long-term conditions brought about by your injuries.
  • In some cases where a person or company’s negligence is extreme punitive damages may be awarded over and above compensatory damages. An example would be an employee who is seriously injured or killed while working for an industrial or construction company who refuses to provide safe working conditions or safety training to their workforce.
  • Past and Future Disfigurement
    Disfigurements include scars and scarring resulting from lacerations received in the accident or post-operatively. Disfigurement may also occur as a result of loss of limb or appendage, or improperly healed fractures.
  • Such impairments may limit your ability to take care of yourself, tend to your normal daily routine, go to work, drive a car, walk, run, or participate in other activities you enjoyed prior to being injured in an accident. Physical impairment may be temporary, permanent, or long-term.
  • Loss of past wages is not limited to recovery by the injured person. In the event of a wrongful death action, a decedent’s lost wages may be recovered by the widow or widower or parent or heirs at law.
  • Just like past wages, this loss is not limited to recovery by the injured person. In the event of a wrongful death action, a decedent’s loss of future earning capacity may be recovered by the widow or widower or parent or heirs at law.
  • Loss of Consortium

    Sometimes the injuries to one person are so severe it injures the relationship within the family. Loss of consortium has been defined in Texas as an emotional and intangible element in a marital relationship so it is broad enough to include a wide variety of elements. It can therefore include the loss of:

    • the mutual right of spouses to affection
    • assistance
    • comfort
    • companionship
    • solace
  • Loss of Household Services
    In some cases, one spouse may be entitled to compensation for loss of domestic service typically performed by the other spouse.

An accident or injury can be damaging in so many ways beyond the physical. Allow us to be your guide in obtaining your restitution.

Who is responsible for my injury?

All personal injury cases depend upon proving negligence. In other words, plaintiffs must be able to show that the at-fault party acted recklessly and that their carelessness directly resulted in the victim’s injury and other losses.

Some claims will include multiple defendants. For example, a truck accident involving multiple vehicles may find that fault is spread among all of the involved parties, including yourself. It could also include trucking companies or parts manufacturers if a defective part played a role in the crash.

Many injured people make the mistake of believing that they cannot recover compensation if they are partly to blame for an accident. That’s not necessarily true. Texas uses a legal concept called comparative negligence in cases of shared fault. Put simply, it means that you can still be awarded money as long as you were not more than 50 percent responsible for the accident. However, your portion of the award will be reduced by your percentage of fault.  It’s best to talk to an attorney when there are questions of shared liability because you could completely be barred from damages with an unfair assignment of fault.

Sometimes it is straightforward to identify the negligent parties in an accident. But a thorough investigation by an attorney could reveal “hidden” defendants that you may have never thought could play a role in your case.

Possible defendants could include individuals, property owners, landlords, retailers, product designers or manufacturers, companies, hospitals, dog owners, government agencies and employers, to name a few. The unique circumstances of every personal injury claim means that each case could be handled differently under Texas law.

How do we demand the full compensation you deserve?

Insurance companies are profit-driven. Adjusters will do whatever they can to reduce the value of an accident claim. The first settlement offer is often far lower than what the injured party actually deserves. It’s all part of their job. But the job of a personal injury attorney is to fight for what’s fair.

Insurance companies use a standard formula to place a value on an insurance claim. The first part of the calculations looks solely at the direct costs of the claim. This includes quantifiable amounts such as medical expenses, property damage and lost wages. Adjusters begin to struggle when calculating pain and suffering and the emotional toll of the accident, which are more abstract and up for debate.

Injured people can reasonably expect to get a higher settlement if their injuries were severe and have drastic long-term consequences. However, there is a tendency for insurance companies to undervalue the true costs of a claim when the future for a victim with a life-altering catastrophic injury is uncertain. Accepting a low settlement offer can be devastating if complications arise.

The attorneys at Michael P. Fleming and Associates, P.C., are familiar with the tactics that insurance companies use to offer lowball payouts. We investigate all cases as if they are going to trial. Our strong approach lets them know that we won’t accept an unfair settlement.

Note: It’s important to understand that settlement offers cannot exceed the insurance policy’s limit amount. No insurance company will pay above the cap even if your injuries are worth more than the insured party’s limit. In those cases, it’s very important to contact an attorney to see about other possible legal remedies.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

In general, you probably won’t need an attorney specializing in injury law for a minor fender-bender with little property damage and no injuries. It may be smarter and save time to accept settlements for inexpensive repairs than to hire an attorney and incur legal fees.

The answer is different if you have been in an accident with injuries and significant property damage. Nothing obligates you to file a personal injury lawsuit. The time after an accident is very stressful and sometimes people find it best to accept a settlement and be done with it.

Bur if you’ve been hurt, think about your injuries. Can you afford to pay for the medical expenses and the expected costs of rehabilitation like physical therapy? Will you be able to support your household based on lost income or expected lost income? Are you suffering emotionally from the trauma? Would it be comfort to have extra compensation for your injuries and losses?

Depending on your answers, it may be worthwhile to contact a board certified personal injury attorney serving Houston. Most personal injury firms including Michael P. Fleming and Associates, P.C., offer free initial consultations to discuss the facts of your case. And if you decide to hire us, you don’t pay unless we win your case.

What are my legal options?

The benefit of consulting with a personal injury lawyer is that you can learn about all of your legal options. There are many misconceptions about what happens when you file a lawsuit. People envision facing off against a defendant in a courtroom and being interrogated by the opposing attorneys.

The reality is that most personal injury lawsuits result in settlements. Only 4 to 5 percent of those cases actually go to trial. Trials are more expensive and time-consuming, so it is usually in everyone’s best interests to come up with a fair settlement that both sides are happy with.

A settlement simply means that you (the injured party) accept an amount of compensation from the responsible party (or parties). In return, you agree not to seek any further damages from them.

Personal injury claims are civil lawsuits. It’s possible that a criminal case against the negligent party (such as a drunk driver) will take place while you are pursuing your civil case. However, those two claims are entirely separate and handled by different attorneys applying different Texas statutes.

A personal injury case does not have to happen at the same time as a criminal case (if there is one). In Texas, there is a two-year statute of limitations to file a claim against a negligent party. Sometimes the extent of the injuries is so uncertain that it can be wise to wait to file suit until you fully understand what your ultimate outcome will be. However, you still should talk to an attorney as soon as possible after your accident so that you don’t miss the deadline or risk that valuable evidence is lost. When the statute of limitation expires, it’s highly likely that your case will be dismissed.

Do you handle personal injury lawsuit defense cases?

Houston, TX Personal Injury Lawsuit Defense Lawyers

In his 30 years of practicing law in the Houston area, Michael P. Fleming has handled thousands of cases – both plaintiff and defense.  He has defended elected officials, companies, public employees and other individuals who have been sued for damages in state and federal courts.  His accomplishments including achieving recognition and board certification in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization help him do what is needed to mount a successful defense when you are facing a claim in court.

Early in his career, Mr. Fleming served as an assistant Harris County Attorney defending the taxpayers and elected officials and employees in federal civil injury cases.  In that capacity, he saved millions and millions of dollars for the public and was certified as a personal injury trial law specialist in 1995.  In 1996, he successfully sought election to the top position in the office – Harris County Attorney.  That position is the chief counsel in civil matters for the thousands of employees and elected officials in county government.  Even after voluntarily leaving that position after re-election, Mr. Fleming has continued to defend government entities, officials and private citizens and their companies in lawsuits seeking damages for personal injury and other claims.

What Type of Cases do we Defend?

We can help you protect your assets by aggressively defending you or your company in court in just about any civil claim including:

  • Car Accident Cases
  • Worker Injuries
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Fraud Claims
  • Premises Liability Matters
  • DWI Accidents
  • Wrongful Death Claims
  • Civil Rights Damage Claims


Michael P. Fleming on the steps of the United States Supreme Court building after a successful argument

If you have received a notice from a plaintiff’s lawyer that you are about to be sued – or if you receive a citation (notice of a lawsuit against you) you should immediately contact your insurance carrier so that they can hire you a personal injury defense lawyer.  If you do not have insurance or if the insurance company is denying coverage, you will need to hire a law firm to defend you in court.  Individuals can represent themselves (usually a big mistake) but companies cannot be represented by their owner unless the owner is also a licensed attorney.

Can’t I Hire a Personal Injury Defense Lawyer Later?

It can be a big mistake to delay in finding a personal injury defense if you or your company have been threatened or actually sued for personal injuries. If you have received a citation and do not file the proper paperwork in court to deny the allegations and mount a proper defense, you might find yourself as the subject of a default judgment which means you lose the case. If you don’t answer the lawsuit, the next notice you receive might be the actual judgment against you. It will then be too late to defend yourself in court.

We have been sued by a Personal Injury Lawyer. What do we do to respond?


If you or your company are facing a lawsuit for personal injury damages, do not delay in seeking counsel from a qualified personal injury defense lawyer.  Contact Michael P. Fleming for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Michael P. Fleming is a board-certified lawyer and has been a Houston personal injury lawyer for over 30 years – a mark of distinguished excellence in the Texas legal community.

How do I choose a personal injury lawyer

Top lawyers will have 8 qualifications

  1. American board of trial advocates inductee

    This invitation-only organization requires that members proves significant experience in personal injury jury trials.

  2. Jury trial cases & the u.s supreme court

    A personal injury attorney can avoid trials and settle issues out of court, but this is often not in the best interest of a client. A trial attorney who has tried and won a case in the country’s highest court is an unmatched evidence of ability.

  3. “no win, no fee” contingency basis

    Hire a lawyer who gets paid a percentage of your settlement or judgment. If the case does not settle and there is no money damages award, the lawyer will not get paid and the client will owe them nothing.

  4. Excellent reviews & ratings

    Lawyers who have successfully recovered millions of dollars for their personal injury clients will have online ratings and reviews to prove it.

  5. Decades of experience

    The more years of experience a lawyer has specifically handing personal injury cases, the better. Experience is critical to success.


Personal Injury Statistics

The number of people who are injured or killed every year is staggering. Consider these facts from the National Safety Council:

  • coffin-icon
    Recently, accidental death was named the No. 3 cause of death for the first time in U.S. history.
  • car-icon
    Motor vehicle accidents, falls and work-related injuries all increased during a one-year period.
  • person-icon
    One person is injured every second in America.
  • time-icon
    More than 5,000 preventable injuries happen every hour.
  • 3-coffin
    Every 10 minutes, three people die and 847 sustain injuries that require medical attention.

Closer to home, Texas injury data is also disturbing:

  • coffin-icon
    There were no deathless days on Texas roads in 2016.
  • dog-feet
    Texas is one of the leading states for dog-related insurance claims.
  • person-icon
    More than 381,000 Texans are living with a disability due to a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
  • fatal
    Texas has one of the highest rates of fatal work accidents in the United States.

Supporting You Through the Personal Injury Claims Process

Insurance companies will begin calling within days – sometimes hours – of the accident. They will push to get a recorded statement from you. The biggest piece of advice we can offer is don’t talk to them. If you’ve hired an attorney, you can refer the company directly to the lawyer. That way, you are protecting yourself legally and enjoying the side benefit of not having the constant calls bothering you while you recover.

The goal of a personal injury lawyer is simple – to obtain compensation for your injuries. Doing that involves building a solid case that cannot be easily disputed.

A personal injury attorney accomplishes that by:

  • Listening to your side of the story.
  • Evaluating receipts and bills to get an idea of what the accident has cost you financially.
  • Gathering evidence such as accident reports, photographs, medical records and witness testimony to support your claim.
  • Hiring outside experts such as physicians, psychologists, accident reconstructionists, and vocational specialists to explain how the accident affects you, both now and in the future.
  • Filing all paperwork with the court on time.
  • Providing you with consistent updates on the status of your case.
  • Answering your questions promptly.
  • Advising you of whether a settlement offer is fair or if it might be wise to go trial.
  • Always leaving the ultimate decisions in your hands.
  • Clearing all liens and disbursing settlement funds once an agreement is reached.

Let Our Houston, Texas Lawyers Help You

Getting legal help for an accident doesn’t need to be a hassle.

At Michael P. Fleming and Associates, P.C., we take representing clients seriously. We want our clients to focus on healing while we build a case that wins. To learn more about our services, call 888-529-0018 or fill out our online contact form today.