//Injuries to Children
Injuries to Children

Personal Injury Lawyers for Children in Houston

Children depend on adults to promote a safe and nurturing environment. When a lack of supervision or safety precautions leads to serious injuries, negligent property owners and daycare providers can be held accountable.

At Michael P. Fleming & Associates P.C., we advocate for individuals injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Children are particularly vulnerable to catastrophic injuries when daycare providers, nannies, schools, and other parents or guardians fail to take the right precautions to avoid an accident.

To find out about your child’s right to compensation, Contact Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. and our Houston law firm to meet with an experienced personal injury attorney.

What types of cases involving injured children to we handle?

Former Harris County attorney Michael P. Fleming has the courtroom experience, legal knowledge, and tenacity to handle complicated cases involving children who are injured in Houston. Mr. Fleming and the attorneys at his law firm consult experts to determine the cause of serious accidents, such as:

  • Dog bites: Dog bites often leave emotional scars greater than the physical disfigurement itself. Children often experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which needs professionalPlayground counselling treatment. Children are often more susceptible to dog bite injuries because they do not recognize the danger and are used to trusting their own pet.
  • Daycare injuriesDaycare centers all over Texas are entrusted with the care of our young children.  They are required to meet state standards.  When they fail at this, children can be hurt resulting daycare claims due to broken armsburns, eye, internal injuries and facial injuries. When a child is hurt in a daycare, the operators are required to report the injury to the state and investigators then conduct an investigation into the injury and the cause.
  • Drowning InjuriesPools are very popular in Houston and everybody that operates or owns a pool – whether a hotel, club or private home – has the obligation to follow the law to make sure it is safe and not accessible by children.

Investigating Accident Scenes

We evaluate as many facts as possible and interview eyewitnesses to understand how the accident occurred. For example,Swimming Pool if your child was injured in a bus accident, we are prepared to hold the bus company accountable. We will evaluate the bus company’s service records to determine if the bus was maintained regularly. If complaints against the bus driver were ignored, we will hold the bus company accountable for failing to take action.

Similarly, we investigate accidents in Houston at daycare centers, schools and swimming pools. The attorneys at our firm will subpoena employment records, time sheets and the company’s employment policies.

We are prepared to hold employers accountable for failing to provide proper rest breaks, causing employees to make catastrophic mistakes. Insurance companies take us seriously knowing we prepare all of our cases involving injuries to children to be successful in trial and seek punitive damages if necessary.

How does a young child file a lawsuit?

In Texas, when a person under the age of 18 is injured and needs to go to court, the law provides that an adult – usually a parent or guardian – files the lawsuit on their behalf.  If there is an award of compensation, the money is put away until the child reaches 18.  This is usually done by either depositing the money with the court (for smaller amounts) or the setting up of a trust which makes payments at 18.  Often, we will structure settlements over several years after the injured child reaches 18 so that they have regular income while attending college.  Of course, if money is needed for future medical care, it is set aside as well.

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