How Rideshare Drivers Can Score a Pot of Gold on St. Patrick’s Day

uber: how to score a pot of gold on st patrick's day

5 Ways Millennials are Like Leprechauns — & How to Score a Pot of Gold on St. Paddy’s Day!

Those bearded blokes who like their ale and playing pranks – no, not hipsters! Leprechauns!

Leprechauns, it turns out, are a lot like millennials, the most common demographic of rideshare riders. And, by understanding how millennials are like leprechauns, you can find treasure at the end of the busy St. Patrick’s Day holiday. So how are millennials like leprechauns and what can you do to get their lucky charms and not their recycled Guinness?

Let’s play Millennial or Leprechaun?

  1. They won’t tell you where their pot of gold is.

    Millennial! They don’t need to carry cash when they’ve got the Uber app on their phone! These days, cash is becoming a thing of the past. The ability to get out of an Uber without having to pull out cash or run a credit card is not only appealing but expected by these young people. Score one for the rideshare driver!

  2. They enjoy their Irish whiskey.

    Millennial! They enjoy a night of drinks on the town but they don’t like drunk driving. Young people today are more aware of the dangers and criminal liability of drunk driving. Luckily, the overnight success of Uber have made DWI accidents, injury and arrests easy to avoid. Having such a convenient and safe service literally at the touch of their fingers is a benefit not only for them but for the general public as well.

  3. They like to hold on to their green.

    Millennial! Uber is more affordable than other options. Since ridesharing can save an estimated 20% to 30% Uber wins with millennials every time. Some predict that most millennials won’t own a car in 5 years! Many metropolitan millennials have found that ridesharing saves money over owning a car.

  4. They can be tricksters.

    Millennial! Have you experienced the dreaded passenger puke in your ride yet? On this busiest of weekends, be sure to check out the Rideshare Guy’s 5 Ways to Avoid a St. Patty’s Day Puker and the solid ways to protect yourself from a mess. Seat covers, floor liners, window controls and some early detection are going to be key in keeping clear of a busting millennial.

  5. They can grant wishes and summon magic.

    Millennial! Well, what would you call it when a car shows up in front of you moments after you need it, to take you exactly where you want to go, and you never had to speak a word? Millennials don’t make phone calls – they text, message, Instagram, tweet and snapchat. Thanks to ridesharing, people don’t ever speak to a dispatcher or operator on the telephone. Let’s face it: if it’s not a smartphone app, millennials won’t use it! Millennials expect any new service to be available right on their smart phone, well designed and easy to use and Uber delivers on all fronts.

And of course, millennials are known to want and expect information at the tip of their fingers and immediately. The Uber app provides the name and photo of the driver, license number, color and model of car and most importantly, the user can easily see all the drivers in their area with estimates as to when they will arrive to pick them up.

So, we’ve seen how ridesharing fits right in with the leprechaun, er, millennial lifestyle.

And what about everyone else? Uber is not just for Millennials. What about geeks, nerds and techies of any generation? No problem, they can use Uber apps. They probably designed them! In fact any novice or intermediate user of a smartphone can use Uber, whether Gen X or Baby Boomer.

That’s because the ridesharing phenomenon is not just a good business model – it is part of today’s lifestyle. It fits in with the smartphones, apps, debit and credit cards and not cash, instant access to information and DWI awareness of our exciting modern day.

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