Accidents on I-10 East Baytown Freeway

Houston IH-10 East Katy Freeway Accident Lawyers

Crashes on I-10 East Baytown East Freeway are common, particularly during rush hour traffic and late at night when drowsy or intoxicated drivers take to the roads. I-10 East connects Houston with Jacinto City, Lynchburg, Baytown, Channelview, Hankamer, and Cove before making its way north east towards Beaumont. For some, I-10 East Baytown Freeway serves as part of their daily commute to and from work, while for commercial traffic it is heavily used at all times of the day.

This great difference in speed between late commuters and loaded down semi-trucks creates a hazardous traffic scenario in which rear-end collisions and side-swipe collisions are common. If you have been injured in a car wreck on the I-10 West Katy Freeway, call our Houston car accident lawyers for help!

Three-Truck Wreck Shuts Down I-10 East Baytown for Hours

I-10 East Baytown Freeway was shut down for hours after a serious collision sent multiple victims to the hospital, according to ABC Eyewitness News. Three trucks were involved, including a flatbed truck that went through the windshield of a big box moving truck. An additional flatbed, a van, and an SUV were also entangled in the wreck. In collisions such as this, a personal injury claim takes on an additional level of complication. The more parties involved, the more plaintiffs and insurance companies there are to deal and negotiate with.

I was injured in a wreck on I10 East near Baytown what should I do?

Police Officer’s Cruiser Hit by Negligent Driver, Three Drivers Taken to Local Hospital

A separate collision injured a police officer when a woman driving a Nissan Maxima collided into the police cruiser near Dell Dale Boulevard. A third car was also involved in the collision, and all three drivers were rushed to the hospital, fortunately with no critical injuries. Rarely a day goes by on I-10 East Baytown East Freeway without at least a few fender benders in which whiplash and face trauma from glass and airbags is the best case scenario. In more traumatic collisions, lives are turned upside down and families are torn apart, all due to the negligence of one or more drivers who should have been paying more attention to the road and to safety, and less to their phone and gas pedal.

Where do Most Crashes Happen?

Crashes typically occur at on and off ramps, compression points, curves in the freeway, and other areas where there is limited line of sight. However, many crashes occur simply because one driver was speeding or not paying attention. The following are the locations of some of the most frequent collision sites, and are monitored by traffic cameras by Houston TranStar:

  • IH-10 East at San Jacinto;
  • IH-10 East at San Jacinto East;
  • IH-10 East at Jensen;
  • IH-10 East at Gregg;
  • IH-10 East at Waco;
  • IH-10 East at Lockwood;
  • IH-10 East at Kress;
  • IH-10 East at Wayside;
  • IH-10 East at McCarty;
  • IH-10 East at Gellhorn;
  • IH-10 East at East Loop;
  • IH-10 East at Mercury;
  • IH-10 East at John Ralston;
  • IH-10 East at Federal;
  • IH-10 East at Normandy;
  • IH-10 East at Uvalde;
  • IH-10 East at Freeport;
  • IH-10 East at East BM-8 West;
  • IH-10 East at East BM-8 East;
  • IH-10 East at Dell Dale;
  • IH-10 East at Sheldon;
  • IH-10 East at Cedar Lane
  • IH-10 East at Magnolia;
  • IH-10 East at Crosby Lynchburg;
  • IH-10 East at Wade Road

An Attorney is Here to Provide Assistance

No matter what type of crash you were involved in, you have the right to work with a Houston personal injury attorney to receive the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and more. For help today, call the Houston traffic collision attorneys of Fleming Law, P.C. 737-201-0543.