Accidents on I-45 North Freeway

Houston I-45 North Freeway Accident Lawyers

Serious car wrecks are common on I-45 North Freeway, many due to driver distraction, speeding, aggressive driving, driving under the influence, and following too closely during rush hour traffic. I-45 North Freeway is a major point of transit for anyone with a daily commute into our out of the greater Houston area, and it connects downtown Houston with Woodland Heights, Hidden Valley, Greater Greenspoint, and Cypress station before it makes its way up to The Woodlands and further north towards Huntsville and Madisonville.

If you were injured in a collision along I-45 North Freeway, you need to call a Houston attorney before talking with the other party’s insurance company about a settlement offer. A personal injury attorney working in your corner will vastly increase the financial settlement that you take home and use towards your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. If you have been injured in a car wreck recently, call our car accident lawyer in Houston for help with your claim today!

Vehicles Slam into Walls, Fall Off North Freeway Overpass, Close Down Lanes

A recent wreck on North Freeway was so powerful that when the vehicle slammed into a center barrier wall, it pushed the concrete slab into the other lane of traffic, according to ABC 13 Eyewitness News. Collisions such as this often cause serious, disabling injuries.

Sometimes, collisions happen from above on an overpass, which affects the freeway traffic underneath. Such was the case when a vehicle slammed into a wall on an overpass above I-45 North, and fell onto the freeway, blocking lanes and creating a road hazard for those traveling on the freeway, as reported by Click 2 Houston.

I was injured in a serious accident on I-45 north. How do I file a claim for medical bills and lost wages?

What are the Most Dangerous Sections of I-45 North Freeway?

The Houston TranStar closely monitors hundreds of sections of road in the Houston area, including a dozen on I-45 North alone. These sections of road are notorious for crashes, either due to their proximity to a dangerous on or off ramp, blind corner, or area of congestion during rush hour. These traffic surveillance camera locations include the following parts of I-45 North Freeway:

  • IH-45 North at Weigh Station in New Waverly;
  • IH-45 North at US-190 in Huntsville;
  • IH-45 North at SH-75 North of Huntsville;
  • IH-45 North at FM-2989 Between Huntsville and Madisonville;
  • IH-45 North at Spur-67 Between Huntsville and Madisonville;
  • IH-45 North at SH-21 in Madisonville;
  • IH-45 North at Weigh Station in Centerville;
  • IH-45 North at US-84 in Fairfield;
  • IH-45 North at FM-80 in Streetman;
  • IH-45 North at US-287 South of Ennis;
  • IH-45 North at FM-879 North of Ennis;
  • IH-45 North at Malloy Bridge in Ferris;

A Houston Personal Injury Attorney is Here to Help

Medical bills, lost wages, lost earning ability, property damage, the list of expenses a victim can accrue following a car crash goes on and on. No matter how you look at it, traffic collisions are costly. We can help you recover the significant damages that were caused to you, including pain and suffering, loss of joy in life, and much more. We urge you to call the experienced Houston personal injury attorneys of Fleming Law, P.C., today 737-201-0543 so we can begin our investigation as soon as possible.