Accidents on I 610 North Loop

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610 North Loop may be the fastest way to get from Shady Acres to the Pleasantville area, but it is probably also the most dangerous. As a high-speed thoroughfare for north Houston, 610 North Loop connects Highway 290, Houston Heights, Interstate 45, Hardy Toll Road, and Interstate 69 before beginning to veer south towards Northeast Houston and Interstate 10. Hundreds of crashes plague 610 North Loop every year, and many of them leave victims with serious injuries and even fatalities. If you were involved in any type of traffic collision on 610 North Loop, a Houston car accident lawyer can help you recover your damages.

Speeding Pickups and Flipped Tractor Trailers Cause Serious Injuries and Fatalities

As reported by ABC 13 News, a speeding pickup truck driver merged onto 610 North Loop from I-45 and lost control. The truck then slid through the grassy median, where there was no center divider to block head-on collisions, and into the westbound lane and oncoming traffic. A dump truck hit the pickup side-on, which killed the pickup truck driver. Another pickup truck and an SUV were also involved in the collision when an 18-wheeler rear-ended the SUV and another pickup, which had both stopped in time to avoid the dump truck.

These chain reaction collisions are common on high-speed freeways with multiple lanes and heavy traffic. Another incident that involved a semi-truck, which was likely speeding, occurred recently. The tractor-trailer was found flipped on its side and hanging off a ramp between 610 North Loop and I-59, which closed down traffic according to News Fix. Tractor-trailer collisions generally cause serious collateral damage, though in this instance no other casualties have been reported.

I was hurt badly in an accident on 610 North. What should I do?

How are the Most Dangerous Sections of 610 North Loop Monitored?

Due to the high volume of crashes in particular areas on 610 North Loop, Houston TranStar has set up traffic surveillance cameras at over a dozen locations along the highway. These cameras monitor traffic and catch many collisions on tape. Check the list below to figure out if your crash occurred near any of the following crossroads on 610 North Loop:

  • At Wayside
  • At Kirkpatrick
  • At Homestead
  • At Lockwood
  • At Hirsch
  • At Jensen
  • At Hardy Toll Road
  • At Irvington Blvd
  • At Fulton
  • At Airline
  • At North Main
  • At Shepherd
  • At Ella
  • At TC Jester

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Collisions are a daily occurrence on 610 North Loop, and no matter how safe a driver you are, you cannot always protect yourself from another driver’s negligence. To recover the medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage that you have incurred from this unfortunate incident that you did not cause, you must enlist the guidance of an attorney. For help today, contact the Houston car accident attorneys of Fleming Law, P.C., to set up a free consultation 737-201-0543.