Accidents on 610 South Loop

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610 South Loop is one of the most heavily used highways in the Houston area, and the frequency of crashes that occur on it represent that high number of commuters and truck traffic. 610 South Loop runs east-west, beginning at Park Place near Interstate 45, and goes through Southside, Brookhaven, Highway 288, Highway 90, and Willow Meadows before making a 90-degree turn and heading north becoming 610 West Loop.

Some of the heaviest traffic occurs on weekends in the summer with families and young adults heading to Galveston. The South Loop also leads to NRG Stadium which gets congested in the late summer and fall when professional NFL football is played. Collisions are common along 610 South Loop, and victims of car crashes should seriously consider contacting an auto accident attorney in Houston before discussing a settlement with the other party.

18-Wheelers, Cars and Even Ambulances Involved in Recent Crashes on 610 South Loop

Most collisions are caused by driver error due to lack of attention, impatience, recklessness, intoxication, or falling asleep at the wheel. The same is true for 610 South Loop. A significant number of collisions occur on a weekly basis due to cell phone use, speeding, and intoxication alone. For instance, a truck, car, and ambulance were all involved in a serious collision along 610 South Loop that significantly backed traffic up, as reported by Click 2 Houston. The front end of the ambulance ended up underneath the rear end of the tractor trailer, yet luckily, no one was injured.

In another crash, one person was killed and pronounced dead at the scene, and two other occupants were taken to a hospital in a two-vehicle collision, according to ABC 13. The collision occurred on one of the most common sections of road for crashes, just a few hundred meters from a TranStar traffic camera.

A reckless driver hit me and caused a big wreck on 610 South Loop what can I do?

The Most Common Collision Areas on 610 South Loop are Monitored by Traffic Cameras

Houston TranStar has over a dozen traffic cameras mounted on 610 South Loop at some of the most dangerous sections of the road. Crashes here are often caught on camera, which can be significant in determining the cause and who was at fault. Were you hit at any of the following areas along 610 South Loop?

  • At Braeswood
  • At Stella Link
  • At South Main
  • At Kirby
  • At Fannin
  • At Almeda
  • At SH-288
  • At Scott
  • At Cullen
  • At MLK Blvd
  • At Crestmont
  • At Broad
  • At Woodridge
  • At Old Galveston
  • At SH-225
  • At Manchester

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The most important things you can do following a collision are to get the medical help you need, recover while being with loved ones, and to contact an attorney. A personal injury lawyer will help get you the full amount of financial compensation that you are owed, and will take all of the stress that comes with dealing with insurance companies off your hands. Contact our Houston personal injury attorneys with Fleming Law, P.C., 737-201-0543 today for help.