Accidents on South Sam Houston Toll Road

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As South Sam Houston Toll Road heads southwest from Preston Trails South, it picks up considerable traffic from I-45. Continuing past I-45, South Sam Houston Toll Road (also called Beltway 8) bisects Southbelt/Ellington, and then travels just north of Pearland and Shadow Creek Ranch before cutting across 288 and going north towards Missouri city. Due to the dense residential and industrial areas that it goes through and the other highways that it intersects with, South Sam Houston Toll Road sees heavy traffic year round. Driving on this highway comes with considerable risks in the form of distracted and aggressive drives. If you were injured by another driver, you have the right to pursue damages with the help of an experienced Houston car accident lawyer.

People who live on the west side of Houston will often use Beltway 8 South to get to Galveston via I-45 South. If it is a weekday during rush hour or on the weekend you can count on congestion leading up to the I-45 interchange. This is where speeding drivers can cause serious accidents. A driver who isn’t aware cannot control their speed and these drives are the ones most likely to violently rear-end others when traffic slows down due to congestion.

Fatal Rear End Accident on South Sam Houston Toll Road

Rear enders are the most common type of traffic collision. Typically, they do not involve life-threatening injuries, though that is not always the case, particularly when they are at a high speed. Such was the fate of a woman who had stopped her vehicle near Telephone Road at the toll booth on South Sam Houston. She was killed when a van failed to stop and rear ended her, as reported by Click 2 Houston. This is not the first, nor the last, of the serious injuries that have occurred at toll booths along Beltway 8. Drunk drivers and distracted drivers are the most common culprits for these types of high speed rear end collisions.

Another driver could not control their speed and rear-ended me at a toll booth, what should I do?

The Most Hazardous Sections of South Sam Houston Toll Road

Houston TranStar has traffic surveillance cameras set up at all of the most dangerous sections of South Sam Houston Toll Road. Not all of these traffic cameras are set up at on ramps or off ramps because some of the hazardous areas are straightaways or simply areas of congestion where rear-enders are common:

  • At Bellfort
  • At West Airport
  • At Gessner
  • At US-90 A
  • At Fondren
  • At Hillcroft
  • At West Fuqua
  • At S Post Oak
  • At Hiram Clark
  • At Almeda
  • At Kirby
  • At Cullen
  • At MLK
  • At Wayside
  • At Mykawa
  • At SH-35
  • At Monroe
  • At Blackhawk
  • At Beamer
  • At Sabo

A Houston Car Accident Attorney can Help

If you were injured in a rear ender or any other type of collision along South Sam Houston Toll Road, the considerable medical expenses and other damages that you have incurred should be paid by the negligent party who caused your pain. We advise you to seek legal council as soon as you can for a variety of reasons, including those of evidence preservation and maximizing the time you have to file a lawsuit. Call the Houston personal injury law firm Fleming Law, P.C., today 737-201-0543.