Single Vehicle Accidents in Houston

Houston Single Vehicle Accident Lawyers

In just a couple of seconds a driver can make a poor decision and cause single vehicle accident, fortunately, these accidents typically do not impact other drivers on the road. Common reasons for these accidents include excessive speed, distractions such as texting or other cell phone use, intoxication, and drowsy driving. However, in some cases the driver made no specific driving error that lead to the collision. The car crash could have occurred because of the external environment, such as extreme weather, an auto defect, or poor road infrastructure or deteriorating road conditions. If you have been injured in an auto accident, call our experienced Houston car accident lawyer today!

Tire Blowouts

When a tire blows out, the driver suddenly loses control. In most cases, the car does not go out of control and the driver can safely apply the brakes in time to bring the car to a stop on the side of the road. In other cases, such as when the vehicle is going at a very high speed or navigating a sharp curve, a blowout can lead to a serious accident.

Tire blowouts on SUVs in particular can cause rollover accidents. The summer heat in Texas can be unbearable at times. It affects our vehicles as well our tires. Moreover, under inflation, inadequate tire pressure, overloading of a vehicle, and potholes on the road can all cause tire blowouts.

Recently, a suspected tire blowout of an SUV killed all three of its occupants and critically injured three other occupants in another vehicle near San Antonio, according to US News.

How can I recover from injuries in a single vehicle accident?

Rollover Accidents Caused by Over-Correcting

Drivers who find themselves in a situation where their vehicle has crossed the median or has veered off the road can easily cause a single vehicle accident by overcorrecting. If you are driving a top-heavy vehicle like a large SUV, van, or pickup truck, overcorrecting can lead to a serious rollover accident, particularly when traveling at a high speed.

Rollovers such as these happen when a driver is looking down at a cell phone or takes a corner too fast and one wheel goes off the road. By overcorrecting, they cause the vehicle to swerve even more violently, causing the wheels to hit a “trip” which causes the rollover.

A trip can be a sidewalk, other vehicle, the grass or soft dirt off the side of the road, or anything that causes the actual rollover. Just recently in a small town in between San Antonio and Corpus Christi, a driver of a pickup truck overcorrected and died as a result, according to the Caller Times. In many of these single vehicle accidents, drivers were distracted by the use of their smartphone. As of September 1st, it is illegal for a driver to text, read, or write email on their mobile device.

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Whether you were injured in a single vehicle rollover or were you a passenger in an accident caused by another party, you need to speak with an attorney about your options before it is too late. We urge you to call a Houston personal injury attorney and car accident lawyer at Fleming Law, P.C., today 737-201-0543.