//Coma After A Car Accident
Coma After A Car Accident

Comas Caused by Car Accidentsdoctor examining brain injury

When two vehicles collide, the impact can be so severe that it leaves the occupant, or occupants, of a vehicle seriously injured to the point of being in a coma. The ramifications of falling into a coma can be devastating for the victim. In fact, between 76% and 89% of affected persons fail to recover from coma. Even if a recovery is achieved, the victim and his or her family is left saddled with potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and a potential lifetime of additional medical costs.

Car wrecks that leave victims in comas are usually high-speed and/or head-on collisions. In many instances, the collision is caused by the careless or reckless actions of another driver. If you or a loved one have been hurt to this extent by a reckless driver, you may have a case for pursuing financial restitution for your harms and losses.

Serious head injuries are usually what puts an accident victim in a coma. In these cases the person’s motor skills are limited and so is their ability to respond to verbal commands and open their eyes. In many cases a person may remain in a coma for a number of days to a few weeks. Recovering from a coma depends on the severity of the head injury. For some a full recovery can be made over a period of months as the recovery can be very gradual. For others long-term effects and on-going care will be required.

In these cases an attorney will have to work with medical experts to determine the future cost of care and the loss of earning capacity for the accident victim. An experienced car accident lawyer is your best representation in these complex injury cases..

Take Action to Hold the Negligent Driver Responsible

If you or a family member was seriously injured in a car crash, take action now and speak to an experienced Houston car accident lawyer to discuss your legal options. Do not wait too long. The sooner you obtain legal counsel, the better. Swift action allows your lawyer to go to work right away investigating the accident. It also helps improve your chances of filing a claim within the statute of limitations. In Texas, the statute of limitations period for a personal injury lawsuit is two years.

My spouse has extensive medical bills due to a serious car accident. How can I keep track of them all?

Ask a Lawyer Now!
Ask a Lawyer Now!

Immediately After the Accident

If possible, there are certain actions that should be taken immediately after the collision to improve your legal position, should a lawsuit need to be filed. Obviously, if you are badly injured, seek immediate medical attention. If possible, ask someone you know to try and complete the following actions:

  • Call the police and request that they file a report;
  • Get the full name, phone number, and insurance information of the negligent driver who hit you;
  • If there were any witnesses who were at the scene and can back up your version of the events, get their contact information as well;
  • Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and any visible injuries;
  • Keep track of all your medical bills and missed time from work.

These steps are important because the information and documents described above will help create a foundation for your personal injury claim. The police report can help establish liability on the other driver. Your medical bills and lost income will form the basis for your pursuit of economic and non-economic damages.

Have Questions About Your Legal Rights? Speak to a Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Do not try to fight the insurance company alone, especially if you or a family member are struggling with the effects of a coma. In a catastrophic injury case, you need top-notch legal representation to help guide you through the personal injury claims process. Take immediate action now and contact Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. to schedule a free consultation 713-221-6800.