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semi truck on highwayHighway 6

Highway 6, which heads north and south across west Houston, is a heavily used highway that sees dozens of deadly and serious bodily injury causing collisions every year. From Prairie View to Cyprus and all along the southern section from Sugarland to Galveston, Highway 6 can be a nightmare of gridlock, reckless drivers, and a barrage of semi-trucks that only add fuel to the fire that is a death-defying road.

As highway 6 traverses through the west side of Houston it makes its way through many of the busiest streets in the city. Drivers making their way to and from work don’t always take the major freeways which means highway 6 at major intersections can be dangerous during rush hour and in the afternoons on weekends.

Semi-Truck Collision Leaves One in Serious Medical Condition

A two-truck collision that occurred on Highway 6 resulted in minor injuries for one driver and serious injuries for another, as KBTX TV reports. One of the semi-trucks was parked on the side of the highway at a complete stop. A box truck approached from behind, and for some reason clipped the back of the semi-truck trailer, swerved, and slammed into the side of the parked truck’s cab, obliterating the trailer and flipping the cab onto its side in the process. Remarkably, the box truck driver was more injured than the driver of the 18-wheeler, which was flipped over. The most common cause of these types of collisions, in which semi-trucks or large transport trucks are involved, is driver fatigue. Drowsy drivers and drivers who fall asleep at the wheel are a serious concern along Highway 6.

I sustained an injury after a truck crashed into me on Highway 6, what can I do?

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Ask a Lawyer Now!

The Other Driver Does Not Always Tell the Truth

Tragically, a highschooler was killed while walking to school along a rural but apparently dangerous section of Highway 6, as reported by ABC 13 Eyewitness News. The driver alleged that the victim was walking in the middle of a lane of the highway, which is hard to imagine. In pedestrian or bicyclist collisions, the driver often makes up a story that is usually unrefuted by the victim, since the victim is either killed or in the hospital for critical injuries.

Some of These Most Dangerous Sections of Highway 6 Might Surprise You

Thanks to careful traffic surveillance camera placement along Highway 6, TranStar is able to monitor some of the most dangerous sections of road. These hazardous sections include on ramps, off ramps, bends in the highway, merging lanes, and areas that commonly experience high volumes of traffic. Below are some of the most dangerous sections of Highway 6:

  • At Southwest Freeway 59
  • At W Belfort Blvd
  • At Bissonnet
  • At Savannah Pkwy
  • At Old Airline Road
  • At Westheimer
  • At Lexington Blvd
  • At FM1128 Masters Road

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