//Maintaining Safe Distance Between Cars
Maintaining Safe Distance Between Cars

maintaining a safe distance between cars is important on freeways in HoustonMaintaining A Safe Distance Between Cars

There is a universal agreement between drivers that maintaining a safe distance between cars is extremely important. Maintaining a safe distance creates a zone to ensure that there is sufficient space in case there is a need for an emergency stop. However, many people are not informed on the correct amount of space needed between vehicles on the road. This can result in accidents and serious injuries, especially on highways where vehicles are traveling at a higher rate of speed. When crashes occur on the highway due to drivers not maintaining the proper distance between vehicles, those crashes are bound to result in a higher rate of bodily harm. If you are involved in a highway collision accident, your chances of suffering a fatal injury are high.

How Much Distance Between Vehicles is Recommended?

The correct method of calculating the proper distance to maintain between cars is the application of the three-second rule. A driver should pick a focal point that is parallel to the car in front of him or her. Then the driver should count the seconds it takes to reach that same point. It should take at least three seconds for the driver to reach that point. If it takes less time, the driver should slow down to increase the distance between his or her vehicle and the vehicle in front.

If you are driving in wet or icy conditions, or on a road with reduced visibility, then you should increase the proper following distance to six seconds instead of three seconds. This extra caution will provide you with ample time in case you need to stop suddenly. Another method of maintaining a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you is ensuring that you are able to see the bottom of the wheels of the car in front.

In Houston it is especially important on freeways to maintain a safe distance from the cars ahead. Even if traffic is moving well you can’t predict what is happening one or two miles ahead. If traffic is slowing or is backed up because of an accident you will have to slow down, sometimes unexpectedly. This is when serious accidents can occur and why it is critical to remain focused and be able to control your speed at all times.

Someone rear-ended me on the freeway, they didn't keep a safe distance. What can I do?

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What to do After a Serious Accident

If a rear-end auto accident occurs as a result of another driver following you too closely, there are some important steps you should take:

  • Remain calm
  • Call the authorities and make sure an accident report is filed
  • Take photographs of your vehicle and your visible injuries
  • Get the name and insurance info of the other driver
  • Go to the hospital and get medical treatment right away
  • Seek legal advice

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If you or a family member was injured in an automobile collision caused by another driver who was following too closely, now is the time to take legal action. Contact the experienced and skilled auto accident injury lawyers with Michael P. Fleming and Associates today for a confidential case review 713-221-6800.