//North Sam Houston Toll Road
North Sam Houston Toll Road

Toll plaza on north Sam Houston tollwayNorth Sam Houston Toll Road

North Sam Houston Toll Road, which also goes by the name of Beltway 8 North, stretches east-west from Bellmead through Northwest Green, Greater Greensport, Northgreen Park, Eagle Creek, and Timberhill. As a convenient east-west route above central Houston, North Sam Houston Toll Road is heavily used, causing congestion that frustrates some into taking risks with others’ lives. While some speed and drive aggressively, others constantly check their phones for texts or call up a friend for conversation as they haphazardly navigate at 80 miles per hour in a three-ton vehicle. As crazy as this sounds, it is a sad and typical scene here in Houston and across the country.

Beltway 8 North intersects with a number of very busy freeways including Interstate 45, Hardy Toll road and Interstate 69. Many use Beltway 8 to go north to Houston’s Intercontinental Airport. Drivers who are unfamiliar with the area may find getting to the airport a challenge, the exit to JFK boulevard, which takes you into the airport, can get congested with drivers trying to make it to the airport on time. At any of these major interchanges rear-end accidents and blind spot accidents can and do happen.

Reckless Pickup Truck Driver Kills a Family of Three

According to Chron, three people were killed in seven-car pile up along Beltway 8 through a slowed-down section of road that was under construction. The driver of a Ford F-250 was speeding at a reckless rate of at least 90 miles per hour before he slammed into the back of a family car, killing two young children and their dad. Sadly, collisions such as this are common because driving is somehow believed to be a right, not a privilege, and negligent drivers are given a free pass to continue causing mayhem and death instead of losing their licenses for good.

I was injured when a car rear-ended me hard on Beltway 8 North, do I need an attorney?

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Ask a Lawyer Now!

TranStar Monitors the Following Dangerous Sections of North Sam Houston Toll Road with Traffic Cameras

Houston TranStar outfitted the following North Sam Houston Toll Road sections of road with traffic cameras, which can be used to determine the cause of a collision and help prove your side of the story. The following sections of North Sam Houston Toll Road are the worst of the worst:

  • At Vickery Drive
  • At JFK
  • At Aldine Westfield
  • At Hardy
  • At Imperial Valley
  • At Greenspoint
  • At Greens Crossing
  • At Ella
  • At T.C. Jester
  • At Veteran Memorial
  • At N Toll Plaza
  • At Antoine
  • At Bammel
  • At Hollister
  • At SH-249
  • At Fairbanks
  • At Gessner
  • At Fallbrook

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