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Rental Car Accidents

Rental Car Accidents

Do I Need Coverage From the Rental Car Company?

Rental car companies usually try to push various levels of auto insurance on customers when they rent a car – a practice that uses customers’ confusion about rental insurance to the rental company’s financial advantage, according to USA Today. The truth is that someone renting a car may or may not require coverage, depending on the insurance they already have. The best practice is to find out if your regular insurance policy covers a rental, according to Texas Unity. Usually, whatever comprehensive and collision coverage policies you have will cover the same amounts for the rental car, assuming that the rental car is not being used for business.

Additionally, credit card companies may provide insurance. You will need to contact them directly to find out what type of coverage it may offer. If you do not have adequate personal insurance, you will need to purchase insurance from the rental car company.

Which insurance company is responsible for my injuries?

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Ask a Lawyer Now!

There are Often Many Parties Involved in Rental Car Crashes

If you are injured in an accident caused by someone driving a rental car, it can be complicated because of the additional parties involved, including the following:car rental sign

  • Your car insurance company;
  • The rental car company as the owners of the car, as well as the rental car company’s insurance provider;
  • Any insurance companies involved if the at-fault driver opted for additional coverage;
  • The at-fault driver’s credit card company and the credit card company’s insurance provider; and
  • The person who caused the crash and his or her insurance company.

Having an attorney with experience in these types of cases is crucial, as you can easily see by the number of parties involved in a typical rental car collision.

What to do After Being Involved in a Collision While Driving a Rental Car

Since you do not own the rental car that was involved in the collision, make sure you carry out the following steps:

  • Get treated for your injuries;
  • Get a copy of the police report;
  • Notify the rental car company;
  • Keep a copy of your rental agreement;
  • Take pictures of the damage; and
  • Contact your insurance company if you declined additional coverage.

What Kind of Coverage Does the Rental Car Company provide?

  • Collision Damage;
  • Additional Liability Insurance; and
  • Personal Accident Insurance.

If you do not own a car and are renting, you should purchase liability insurance from the rental car company or look at a non-owned auto liability insurance policy if you rent cars often.

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If you were involved in a car wreck with someone who was driving a rental car, you need to get in touch with an attorney at once. The vast number of parties involved can quickly make the situation seem to spiral out of control. A Houston attorney with the law offices of Michael P. Fleming and Associates will help sort out the legal issues and ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries, pain and suffering, and other damages.