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Being involved in a car crash is always traumatizing. When victims suffer serious injuries, such as whiplash, broken bones, or lacerations, they will undoubtedly suffer physical, financial, and emotional trauma for months or even years to come. An experienced car attorney near Spring, Texas will go a long way in healing at least one of those types of injuries – your financial damages. Even if it was clear to you who caused the crash, the negligent party may not be held accountable to pay if you do not seek the necessary legal guidance.

Recent Accidents in Spring, Texas

Collisions in Spring, Texas happen for the same reasons that they happen anywhere – lack of driver concern for others. This lack of concern that negligent drivers display is manifested in distracted driving, aggressive driving, impatient driving, and driving under the influence.interstate 45 near Spring Texas

  • Driving Under the Influence: Recently, an intoxicated driver was speeding along the North Freeway service road, slammed into the vehicle in front of him, and forced that vehicle off the road and into a concrete wall. One of the vehicle’s occupants was killed and the other was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The drunk driver walked away from the scene, according to Chron.com.
  • Aggressive Driving: Aggressive driving is the lack of concern for other road users and the overt display of aggressive maneuvers, such as excessive speeding, cutting others off, changing lanes every few seconds to pass slower traffic, etc. In Spring, Texas a driver of a pickup truck, and the man’s passenger, left the scene of a fatal collision after getting out of his vehicle and looking at the carnage he had caused, according to ABC 13.
  • Distracted Driving: Distractions come in many forms – noisy children in the back seat, adjusting the radio, texting, talking on the phone, staring out the side window at a billboard, and much more. Distracted driving accounts for a large percentage of all traffic collisions, and is increasingly a bigger and bigger problem due to cell phones.

I was injured in a car wreck near Spring, Texas and the insurance company wants to talk to me. Should I talk to them?

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Intersection Crashes in Spring, Texas

Intersections pose a particular hazard because so many things are going on at once, and all while drivers often speed up through them to make a yellow light. Intersections are dangerous for anyone going through them, whether they are making a left or right turn, changing lanes before the intersection, going through, or simply stopping at a red light. Some of the most dangerous intersections in Spring, Texas include:

  • The many intersections along the IH-45 North Freeway feeder road;
  • North Freeway and Louetta Road;
  • North Freeway and Spring Cypress;
  • North Freeway and Rayford;
  • Cypresswood Drive and Aldine Westfield Road; and
  • FM2920 and Kuykendahl Road.

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Financial compensation for victims of car crashes includes medical costs, pain and suffering, lost earning capacity, property damage, and more. Compensation is a crucial part of most families’ recoveries, as the costs of a traffic collision are significant. To get started today, we encourage you to call the  auto accident attorneys of Michael P. Fleming and Associates at once.