//Teen Driver Car Accident
Teen Driver Car Accident

Car Accidents Caused by a Teen Driversteen driver

Young drivers, particularly minors between the ages of 16 and 20, are one of the most risky groups of drivers. Not only do young drivers simply not have the driving skills that come with years of experience, but they also lack the rational decision-making ability to act responsibly while behind the wheel. The Texas Department of Transportation reported that in 2016, just over 11% of all car accidents were caused by drivers in this group, despite this age group making up just a small percentage of the total driving population.

Teens in Texas Getting Their First License

In 2002, Texas introduced the Graduated Drivers License program for new drivers. Beginning at the age of 15, teen drivers can begin the process and complete it when they turn 18. Effective in September of 2015, all teen drivers must also complete the Impact Texas Drivers program, which focuses on safe driving with an emphasis on distracted driving. After completing all requirements of the Graduated Drivers program, teen drivers get their full license when they reach the age of 18. The two licenses that teenage drivers must first have before getting their graduated license are the Learner License and the Provisional License.

I was hit by a teen driver what should I do?

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Ensure Your Teen Driver Gets Off to a Good Start

As a parent, it is important to make sure that your teen driver practices safe driving habits right from the start. There are a number of factors that apply to teen drivers that do not apply to other drivers. These factors can actually impact their driving records negatively, and as a parent, can affect your insurance premiums. These factors include

  • Limits on the number of passengers in the vehicle while the teen drives;
  • Curfew, which prohibits driving between 12am and 5am; and
  • A zero tolerance for alcohol in blood. For 21-year-old and older, the illegal limit is 0.08 or greater, while for anyone under 21, any trace of blood alcohol is illegal.

In addition to these restrictions, teen drivers have to deal with the environment in and around Houston, which is arguably one of the most busy and challenging places to drive. When you add to that teens’ penchant for using smartphones, texting, and social media, you can understand why the statistics support the notion that teens are one of the most risky groups driving on Texas roadways.

Impact of Adding a Teen Driver to a Car Insurance Policy in Texas

In Houston and across Texas, the impact of bringing your teen driver under your existing car insurance policy will be felt immediately. Some reports suggest that the impact in Texas can be as much as an 89% increase, according to Insurance Quotes.

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No matter your needs, an experienced Houston attorney is here to provide the professional legal assistance that you need. The attorneys of Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. handle all types of car accidents and can answer your questions about teen driving permits, insurance, specific rules that apply to teen drivers, and much more. Contact us today for assistance.