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Valet Driver Accidents

Valet Driver Accident Attorneys in Houston

Valet driver accidents are a common occurrence in Houston. With commercial valet drivers speeding to park and retrieve as many vehicles as possible, car accidents are bound to happen.

When accidents do happen involving valets, they often involve pedestrians and result in serious and catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, internal injuries, head injuries and death.

We have seen valet accidents involving pedestrians and other vehicles resulting from:

  • Driving the wrong way in a parking lot.  This is often done to Valet Parking Signmove the cars through faster.  Short cuts often cause accidents.  Many times this is encourage by the owner of the business or valet company.
  • Excessive speed.  Always increases the likelihood of an accident under any circumstances.
  • Cell phone use such as texting while driving.  Believe it or not, valet drivers feel the need to text or use the phone in the short period of time they are in a car, parking or retrieving the vehicle.  It is especially dangerous for valet drivers as they are passing through parking lots which are usually congested and filled with pedestrians – a recipe for disaster.
  • Poorly designed valet and parking areas.  Parking lots and garages must be designed with safety in mind.  This means that the areas for the valet need to be clearly marked to avoid car accidents with other cars and with people who are walking in the valet area.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an automobile accident caused by a valet driver in Houston or elsewhere in Texas, it is important that you seek the assistance of a board certified personal injury trial lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

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In order to protect your rights, evidence often times needs to be secured. Many times this includes surveillance cameras, cell phone text and call data and witness statements.